Are you a “man” humiliated by  your bi-sexual desires? Last Friday I had a blog about cock sucking which leads me to this blog about males and bi-sexual behavior. Are you bi-sexual? If you think about pleasing a cock does that make you gay? Although I don’t really care for labels or classifying people into “a” group, I’m smart enough to understand the necessity for  doing so at times. Getting those humiliation juices flowing…… arousing your sexuality,as your mind drops deeper into subspace……fuck I just gave myself goosies! Onward with your bi-sexual thoughts and perhaps even your behavior……….


Not sure what your desires “mean”. Well, simply phrased: If you are  attracted to , and  aroused (sexually) by two (bi)  genders (typically male & Female) you are bi-sexual. Therefore, just because you abstain from bi-sexual behavior it won’t  change your “label”. You are bi-sexual. So, it looks like that ship has sailed, my friend. The common definition of bi-sexual doesn’t have to include engaging  in the sexual behavior. Let that sink in for a bit. I know it’s a common “rationalization” many have. Ready to move on?

The big question most men have is am I gay if I suck a cock? We’ve already determined you are bi-sexual, but are you gay? IMO there is a big difference  being bi and being gay, or homosexual. Homosexuality is the desire of not only sexual relations of the same sex but it’s also a predominant part of who you are, what you desire beyond sex. Beyond the penis. There are large parts of the male population who are aroused at the thought of being sexually intimate with a penis, but not wanting or desiring living with a man as their life partner. It’s a sexual taboo, and humiliation is part of that taboo.

Bi-sexual Desires

Are you bi-sexual?

Humiliated By Bi-sexual Desires

Some conversations I’ve had are about the humiliation factor of “secret”  bi-sexual desires.  Bi-sexual humiliation is powerful in  your mind, and powerful in your sexuality! You imagine being found out by a close friend or spouse. Yearning for someone to see YOU, the REAL you. How those around you would be mortified at the thought of YOU kneeling and pleasing a cock.

But some say, there are many people who are accepting, why is there humiliation?

It’s true we live in a fantastic time in 2019. Larger and larger portions of the population are more accepting than ever before about gender identity, sexuality and  our general ability to live our authentic selves. I’m not saying it’s an easy and smooth sailing journey. There are those, who are small minded, and fearful little nuggets of human smegma. They lash out at “difference” in the world as if it’s going to be solving something in their own F’d up lives. To that, I say : Mind your own genital cheese and leave the rest of us alone!

Bi-Sexual Desires Without Humiliation

Let’s pretend tomorrow the entire world was “behind difference”. Accepting and tolerant for anything outside of their comfort zone. Suddenly everyone is able to feel comfortable and confident with who they identify as, and who they wish to be sexual with.  With your humiliation , stemming in part from “society’s scorn”, for your perverted behavior vanish? Oh, how sad will that be? No more gay boi humiliation making that willy weep huumm?  So, in some ways, having those around who disapprove of your perversion, and do so with fervor are doing you a favor! Right?

Interesting thoughts, don’t you think? Now I have some thoughts about the question of humiliation, bi-sexuality and how it all interacts, changes (or doesn’t) as our culture evolves. But I want to know what you think. Are you humiliated by your bi-sexual desires? I want to hear from you.

Until we chat ????

Mistress Erika