Hello pets, it’s been a while since I wrote a first Saturday blog, have you missed my erotic musings? As some of you may know I went on a cruise recently. My cabin steward was a nice man of Philippine decent. Very attentive but I noticed he would avoid looking at me in the eye. Now, there are many reasons why a man might not look me in the eye. One is he’s afraid I’ll see into his soul, glean those thoughts as they show themselves to me through their eyes. Another is he could be intimidated, I’ve been told I can come off as quite intimidating. Which I’m sure I don’t know why. I’m quite the affable lady, I have a smile and a friendly word for most. I was told once by an employee who worked under me that I’m intimidating because of my confidence and breadth of knowledge I display. Still doesn’t hold water with me, but oh well it is what it is. I’m not about to change who I am because some find my effervescence intimidating. Perhaps my sisters of yore might, but I won’t dumb it down for anyone or any “feelings. but I digress.

It was just this one element, him not looking me in the eye,  in an otherwise very professional 5 day relationship sparked my naughty imagination. Today I share with you a story, part reality , part fantasy. Can you tell which is which? I’ll look forward to your comments.

Humiliated Servant

I called him Pat, although his given name was much longer, it was shortened because of the difficulty our English speaking mouths have when pronouncing a challenging multi constant name. A small nicety which aids communication and helping me feel at home. It doesn’t go unnoticed nor unappreciated.  Coming to my stateroom shortly after arriving he knew my name and introduced himself. I often wonder if they have camera’s in the hallway and they hide out in little rooms watching for when people come and go. It’s really uncanny , if you’ve ever been on a cruise how they seem to know when to come and attend to your room. Pat was quick and efficient asking for my preferences on this and that. That’s when I noticed he couldn’t or wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Pat did a great job at attending to my needs. After my luggage arrived and I was putting my things away, he arrived with a birthday cake a friend onshore apparently ordered as gift package, to have delivered to me. Birthday decorations, which I found out ,were in the package, already displayed in the cabin.

I was in need of a steamer to work out a few wrinkles in my formal dress I had brought for the cruise. He was more than happy to steal it away only to arrive not 20 minutes later with it beautifully displayed and wrinkle free. He seemed to take great delight in helping me this way.

It was time for dinner and it was a long day , so I took a quick refreshing shower and changed into a summer dress, bra-less with a cute pair of peach cheeky panties. Tossing on a pair of strappy heels, lip gloss and a brush through my hair I was ready for dinner.

I started a dirty clothes pile with my panties, crochet shorts and lace top I wore to the ship. I’ll pull out my laundry bag later, I must have left it in one of my bags which was tucked away. I folded the clothes and put them on the chair, panties firmly placed between the top and shorts. This isn’t my first cruise, and the likely hood of Pat returning for my turn down service before I got back from the nights festivities was certain.

As predicted, Pat had come in, removed the luggage mat from the bed and turned it down. Tomorrow’s newsletter and the perpetual 70% off  jewelry sale flyers were neatly displayed to catch my attention. Sitting on the sofa, near the bed unbuckling my shoe, I glanced over and a shiver went through me. My black with white polka dot bikini panties were on top of the pile! Bunched up, not laid flat as I left them between the clothes.

That little perv, I know exactly what had gone on, but I had no proof. Picking up the panties, inspecting them. No ejaculate, good at leas the little pantie sniffer didn’t dirty my pretty panties! But my indignation quickly turned to some wicked planing.

I have recently been gifted a go-pro and that lovely technology comes with an app I can use with my phone. I can operate it remotely within 30-50 feet.  I tested it , and congratulated myself for getting the wireless package offered because it allowed me to sync the camera and app! I was on one of the upper decks with only about a dozen cabins on it and about 20 feet from the end of the hall where it turned right then left to the elevators. I think I’d be able to start the camera right before I turn the corner to my hallway, where I swear there are cameras! *winks*. I don’t need anyone being forewarned now do I?

I set the scene, this time. Placing the go pro on the vanity in a corner pointing to most of the couch area and the entire bed area. Carefully placing odds and ends around the camera so it won’t be in plain view I fired up the app and practiced turning the camera on and off, making sure I was all set to catch the perv in action.

That morning I take another shower, I carelessly lay my nighty and matching satin panties on the unmade bed and traipsed off for breakfast. I saw Pat down the hall and made it a point to ask him about an event on the ship happening in about 30 min. He confirmed it was an hour long show, and where it was. I thanked him and told him “well I better get my sweet ass in gear, I have to grab breakfast before I’m off to the event”. Indirectly telling him I’d be gong for at least 90 minutes.

I did run down and grabbed a cup of coffee, and this delicious breakfast parfait they make. But instead of going to the event, I headed upstairs back to my state room. exiting the elevator I fire up the go pro app and yes, they are both seeing each other! Yay!

I turn it on, and I can see my room. My nighty and panties are still where I left them, then I see him. I start recording, hoping the flashing red light of the gopro is unseen.

He’s doing the typical dusting , moved my sandals to the side. He starts to fuss with the bed covers and picks up the pile which contained my nighty and panties and put them to the side. I started to question myself, did I imagine all of this? I swore I put my panties between the clothes. I kept watching and recording.

After the bed is made I see him look up, towards the entry door, tilt his head like he was looking for someone or something. He disappeared out of view and the light in the room changed a bit. I would later find out he closed the door. Although the go pro records sounds I didn’t have earbuds on my phone at the time, and couldn’t hear the door close. He comes back and with both hands scooping up my silky things, lifting them to his nose pressing them to his face he seemingly inhales. dropping the nighty holding the panties he rubs them around his mouth and nose, while rubbing the front of his pants with his other hand. I’ve got that sneaky little perv now! I shut down the app, go to the event and plan my next steps. What they would be is yet to be seen but one thing is for sure, I’m going to have some humiliating fun with this one!

Do you want to hear more? Let me know!

Until We Chat

Mistress Erika