Winning A Masturbation Marathon aka :So You Want To Be A Pump Star

A Masturbation Marathon is perfect for Horny Strokers! Have you ever been challenged with a Masturbation Marathon? Yes? No? Intrigued? Read on!  Stroke-a-thon is back and I’m here to help you win! What is a Stroke-a-thon? It is exactly as it sounds, we gather a bunch of naughty pets, put them on skype (in a group) then each Enchantrix Mistress will tease and instruct! Your goal is to obey and be the LAST to orgasm!

Cock Control 18+


The first weekend in September on 9-7-2024 we will host one or two “stroke-a-thons”! One or two? Ok I can see you are confused here’s the rundown.

For every pump pet to call a Mistress in July and August for one hour will receive ONE FREE entry to the stroke-a-thon! If you remember the last time we did this the entrants had to pay! This time it’s a WIN-WIN, you will have some hot hot hot fun with me for an hour, and your entry is free.

We may have one or two stroke-a-thon sessions on 9-7-2024, depending on how many people sign up! We want to keep the stroking fun more intimate! Details regarding the times will be published at a later time. Keep an eye on The Daily Cock for the latest updates.

Why would you want to join the stroke-a-thon? Simple Free Phone sex and making your Mistress proud! (priceless!)

For each stroke-a-thon session we have that day, the prizes are as follows
3rd runner up, 20 Free Phone Sex Minutes
2nd runner up, 30 Free Phone Sex Minutes
First place, 60m Free Phone Sex Minutes


Want To Win?

To prepare you for the event, or even prepare you to last and last in the bedroom cock control training with an experienced Femdom is a must! Often guys can’t last because the stimulation is just too much! I don’t mean just physical stimulation, either! To encourage you up your cock game, I’m going to offer you something spectacular for the Months of July and August!

Call for 60 minutes, receive a FREE entry to the stroke-a-thon and I’ll add 10
Call for 30 min training only session and I’ll add 5!

You must mention: Stroke-a-thon-training when going through dispatch to receive
your free minutes! Tell the dispatcher

“I would like to train with Mistress Erika for “X” minutes,  and leave the call open”

When we connect, I’ll keep track of the time to ensure we end at the correct time, or
ask if you want to exceed that time, and ask for more time!

60  Or 30 Minute Sessions Don’t Work For Me, Mistress!!

You don’t have that kind of “alone time” to train? No problem I’m an equal-opportunity trainer!
For those shorter sessions:
Session with me as many times as you are able each month, even if it’s just ten-minute increments!
Add those sessions up and once we get to 60 minutes I will give you

Ten Free minutes via sexy texting  (voice-over Skype), or email training. It’s your job to keep track and keep me updated!  Once you hit your goal, I’ll take a moment to verify and together decide how and when we’ll use your free minutes!



This is Hot ! How Can You Help Me Mistress?

Now that you realize what is at stake, I’m sure you want to win! But how are you going to make that cock last and last? How are you not going to embarrass yourself and win the two-pump chump award?  You KNOW a chat full of sexy Enchantrix Mistresses will make that cock want to POP at the first hello!

So what’s a poor pumper to do? Get trained, that’s what! With your hour of fun and our eye on the prize, I will send you off on assignment! Return for as many training sessions as you are able during the two months, but you still only get one entry with more than one 60-minute session.
That seemed odd to write, but I’m sure if I didn’t clarify someone is gonna complain “But I got two hours, I want two entries!?” Sweet as pie I’d remind them, well sugar you only got one dick and you can only win one time, what’s it gonna do for you, specifically to have two entries?

There Is More Value!

But my stroking friend, I am going to throw in on our training sessions sure-fire tips and tricks to ensure you do win!
I want a pumping good race at this stroke-a-thon guys, so I want each of you in tip-top stroking form!

You’ll receive:

  • Insider Tips on What to do leading up to the stroke-a-thon
  • Tips about setting up your cam for maximum discretion
  • Mistress instructions on what to do the morning of the stroke-a-thon
  • Pro-tips, which are not against the rules to help keep that hot cock IN CHECK!



stroke a thon masturbation games 18+

Joining The Fun Or Just Having Fun

Now is your chance to train for a masturbation marathon! You may win some phone sex minutes, but you’ll win big time with your better performance. Shy about getting on cam? Perhaps your willy will wilt with the exposure and pressure? We can have our private marathon, just you and me in September!

Keep your eyes on The Daily Cock leading up to the event for updates! 

Mistress Erika 18+