Happy Second Saturday! Wait, what? Erika have you lost your mind? It’s supposed to be FIRST Saturday?! Tue it is the second Saturday, and this post this was slated for First Saturday, but because you naughty thangs  kept me So BUSY (yay! Thank You!) last week I didn’t get to finish it.

In true fashion, much of what I do is beyond phone-sex. BF (best friend) therapy is also common. So when Sissy Samantha came to me, wishing for me to know her better she shared some intimate details with me. I am weaving the information into a pretty little fantasy with Me as a Therapist and Samantha my client. Samantha has a lot to share , so if you like what you read let me know: There Will Be More!

Samantha dressed perfectly femininely appropriate for the occasion,  sashay’s  into Ms Erika’s office. Samantha’s last minute request for an appointment meant they would be there after dark. But now, the room was a glow. The filtered light from the floor to ceiling windows lit the room in a soft amber glow,  not the harshness one would expect from a west facing room.  Deep into winter the sun just beginning to set, enhanced the warm and cozy furnishings


Erika: “Samantha , so good meet you!” The Ladies shake hands. Erika takes in the feminine creature before her. “Samantha. I understand you were referred to me by our Mutual Acquaintance Ms Ally!”  What a beautiful soul, don’t you agree? Samantha, nods and smiles, Erika shows Samantha to the conversation area. Two overstuffed wing-backed chairs, covered in an antique flower pattern. The couch a solid color with big throw pillows seemed most inviting and Samantha sat at the end, nearest one the of chairs.

As Erika sat with her note pad, crossing those long legs Samantha couldn’t help but sigh at the sight. Tilting her head and smiling at Samantha Erika began.  “Things sounded urgent what’s going on?”

Samantha: I don’t know, she said looking at her fingernails. I get these “spells” feeling overwhelmed, anxious. I’m usually ok in a little bit but they have been coming on a lot lately. I want to be free of them, and just before I called I had a bad one, and said “this is enough” I can’t live like this.

Erika: Well I’m glad you took that first step. I know I can help you, but first take a few deep breaths. Try and relax and tell me a bit about yourself.

Samantha: Well what do you want to know?

Erika: Whatever comes to mind is fine.

Samantha: Well, there’s a lot about me that’s not , let’s say , not “normal”. I’ve wrestled with my desires since I could remember. I feel like I’m living a double life. In quite times, when my mind isn’t occupied I think of the dichotomy of my two selves. How my one world would be shocked, ashamed of me. I can’t see going on about that life, if they knew.

Samantha starts to tear up, and Erika hands her a tissue.

Erika softly smiles and nods, So how long have you been dressing en-femme?

Smantha’s eyes dart up to meet Erika’s. Blushing profusely she stammard, “how…. how did you know?”

Erika: I have to say your training is impeccable, you present as a woman in many ways. Your walk, your speech all very convincing. Let’s just say I’m a keen observer of body language.

Samantha knowing, now, there is no hiding from Erika delves into her beginnings.

Samantha: Years ago, I had professional obligations that took me to a large Midwestern city frequently. Curiosity and a horny condition drew my eye in a local adult publication to an ad for a dominant female who offered to push “panty boys” to their limits with feminization, domination and strap-on play

I made the call and my first appointment with a femdom mistress.  Upon entry, she took me to a waiting room and instructed me to remove all my clothes, place them in a basket, and give them to her assistant, who watched me carefully with grins and snickering as I got naked.

Erika, I see , and how did that make you feel Samantha? Humbled and excited?
Samantha nods.

Erika: Please, go on.

Samantha: My mistress returned and took me to a “beauty shop” for feminization. In 30 minutes I was made up and dressed from wig to heels in the sluttiest outfit anyone could imagine. From the first moment, my cock was rock hard against my panties and I knew I really was a sissy.  She spent the rest of the session making me suck her strap-on cock (my first time) and taking her cock up the ass (again, my first time).

She paraded me in front of her assistant and another mistress and made me perform for them. This confirmed my desire to be used in front of others, a passion that has only grown. At the end, she sent me back to my hotel with instructions to jack off near the point of orgasm three times before actually coming and to call her to report my orgasm and my compliance with her instruction.  Being feminized, used like a girl slut and completely dominated was overwhelmingly exciting. It was all I could think about for weeks.

It was the beginning of my story as Sissy Slut Slave Samantha.

Erika: Well, Samantha that is a very telling and erotic beginning. How do you feel, now , confessing this to me?

Now Dear Readers, there is so much more to our Sissy’s Journey, the only question is: Do you want more? Let me know, comment below or email me!