Introducing Kink is the next entry to my Kink For Couples Series. All names and other identifying information have been changed to protect the naughty. If we’ve chatted about how kink has evolved in your bedroom then you’ll probably see yourself. I want to thank you for your contributions to my post, and being a motivating factor in doing this series. Please understand every couple is different and the motivation for this series is to show you that it is possible to spice things up in your bedroom, if you have a motivated couple.

Introducing Kink To Your Partner

Communication is key. Developing a non-judgemental , patient and frustration free atmosphere is a must!  “Mike” , for example, went from having vanilla “good” sex with his lovely partner to playing with erotic chastity! He likes the idea of chastity, because it helps him feel submissive. But since his partner wasn’t necessarily Dominant or is aroused by “holding a key” in the sense I would, they had many talks out of the bedroom about what chastity means to them both.

During one conversation he admitted he truly only wanted to engage in sex if she wanted to, and suggested it.  But sometimes his male sex drive, he felt, made it difficult for him not to try and “push for sex”. He felt she acquiesced only because of his instance. He wasn’t proud of that behavior and thought she deserved more.

This line of reasoning, combined with his patience with introducing kink,  got her attention. Curiosity. she did enjoy his suggestion that chastity helps him focus on her, and when there is absolutely no reason or chance for him to engage sexually with his penis. He suggested the next time they went out of town, away from the pressures and responsibilities of life it would be “Her” weekend. They would “experiment” and They spent the next several weeks looking at , learning about and ordering a chastity cage for them to play with.

Getting Kinky With Toys

Kink In the bedroom

Introducing Kink

Still another client “Clint”, and his partner who is a bit more open and confident sexually, so he  confessed, over some pillow talk, about an interest in bringing some toys to spice things up in the bedroom. Bing-bang-boom, by that weekend they were at the adult bookstore picking out a bevy of naughty things for them to enjoy!  Now the kinky thing is, he didn’t confess what toy, or exactly WHY he wanted to play with toys.

You See Clint has been into playing with his butt on calls, but was concerned that his partner would think he was gay! After several sessions, talking about “what to do now” he has the toys, how does he tell her he wants that DIL in his butt more than he wants it in her pussy!

Well, Clint was sent back to his partner with some assignments, ways to play and encourage a conversation about anal sex. First things first, and step by step!

What do you think is good advice for good Ol’ Clint? Comment below and if you wanna know I’ll follow up in a few days and with a comment “Fill you in”.

Remember introducing kink into your bedroom is a journey and should be fun!

Until we chat

Couples Kink Mistress Erika