Kink for couples the focus for this week. Some of the Mistresses have had couples sessions and we even have a website dedicated to couples phone sex. True, about 99% of the calls I receive are from males and some are seeking advice on how to introduce kink into their relationship! I’m happy to help, and can give you some perspective about what you can expect and the steps you need to consider before introducing kink into your bedroom

Kink For Couples Who Calls Phone Sex For Couples Advice

A lot of folks do! I’ve been told I give great insight and seem to have a firm grasp on behavior, and relationships. Even a couple of clients who have seen licensed therapists proclaim my sessions are just as enlightening and SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE! Ha! So my darlings, I have my BF (best friend) therapy hat right here, whenever you wish me to don it.

But my clientele runs the gamut. Some are older men, others are  men my age and younger.  The older crowd thinks the “young-ins” have it easy with sex being so “out in the open now” Well, that’s easier said than done. Even in this day and age with people open to sexual conversations, and are enlightened about sexuality talking with your intimate partner about your naughty thoughts will always bring a certain amount of trepidation.

Universal fear for humans is the: Fear of rejection. Fear of your loved one “looking at you differently” , and perhaps “how they would look at you differently”, after they knew of your kinky thoughts. Worse case: They reject you.  It’s the wise man who contemplates these questions before going “double barrel kink confession ” on your female partner. Something I DO NOT advise you do, if you want things to “go well”.

However, If you are done with the relationship and want to go out in a blaze of glory, well fuck, call me up anyway. I love to plan a good bonfire! WoooT , I’ve been known to come up with and throw down some fantastic accelerants! Haha!


Kink for Couples

Looking to introduce some kink into your bedroom?

Kink For Couples Knowing Where To Start

Do not order big brad BBC from Amazon and have it shipped home for your lady to get in the mail, forcing that conversation. It won’t go well. TRUST ME!
But in order to get a bit more detailed on your course of action we are going to have to talk. What kind of lady are you in a relationship with? Firmly buttoned up, motionless and almost a-sexual? The starting line and the time line trajectory is going to be a long and difficult journey.

But, first things first: you behave as a submissive. Focusing on her, and doing what pleases her. Therefore  your first lessons will include how to properly worship her body.

“Darling,  you have worked so hard to take care of us. I want to do something just for you. No sex, I promise” Then you come through, be a Man and honor your WORD as HER man! Keep that fucking trouser snake in your pants! If you have to call me earlier and get off before you worship your Goddess at home.

We can continue to build on that,  with subtle suggestions, encouragement,  a great deal of counter conditioning and positive reinforcement anything is possible. Don’t worry and do not be intimidated if you don’t understand what I am referring to. The concepts are easily mastered and applied

My next blog entry will be about a few couples who have gone down this journey, how “he” did it (or is currently doing it) so you can get a perspective on your own journey.

Until We chat ????

Couples Phone Sex Mistress Erika