Hello Kinky Krew! Today’s blog I’m talking about the best sex toys for the happy Mistress.  If that seems odd to you then you really need to read further. Of course it’s fun having you stroke for me, but when we can open up that boundary and include toys as part of our play , it adds elements of spice and options that I always enjoy having! Now, if you say “OMG Mistress I can’t keep a sexy toy around here” No worries, I bet you already have SOME sexy toys around , you just don’t know it . Yet.

If you don’t have sex toys as part of your sexual repertoire you’ll be finding yourself dreaming of some of these items! It makes me happy when I have options, and you want Mistress to be happy, don’t you pet? Sure you do. But,if you are concerned for privacy and having such naughty things delivered to your door, hit me up! Need help picking out your first sex toy? That’s why I’m here!   A ten minute call is all you need to put those worries away and for you to decide on which toy is the best for you!

Basic Sex Toys


Dildo with a stop

When someone mentions Sex Toys I would bet the majority would think of the classic dildo, or personal massager *wink wink*. Also people assume Women use these type of toys more than guys. Although that might be true, let me tell you, guys are into them too! Those toys are great but there is so much more to explore! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at the uses for the classic dildo and massager. Dildo’s come in a variety of sizes and materials.

If you are a sissy gurl, or looking to explore your cock desires I suggest realistic ones with “balls” and a suction.  One reason I suggest this kind of dildo for your kink is many don’t think of the “stop” , be it balls or a flared end. Horny guys tend to be a bit on the “Dumb” side and do all kinds of dangerous things when those sex juices start flowing! It is one reason why you NEED an experienced Mistress to guide you and keep you safe. You see a dildo with balls or a flaired end will ensure your toy doesn’t magically disappear in your sissy pussy! The suction is for “options” down the road when you are ready to take that ride!  If you are a cocksucker in training then the suction and stop will help with your deep throat skills!

Butt plugs of various sizes and materials are also on the basic sex toy list. If you are interested in Anal play it will bode well for you to do your homework, or hey session with me to walk you through the basics. For more check out my blog about Anal Sex!

Vibrators As Sex Toys

There are a ton of various vibrators out there, for all kinds of kinks. Don’t cheap out, and buy quality even if you have to save up for a good one. You won’t regret it. Many I spoke with who ‘didn’t like’ vibes at first is because they are using cheap ineffective vibes.

Another point on the “Pro” list would be If you are going to forgo a toy box of toys, limited hiding space a powerful wand vibrator will go a long way!  Look for  the hand/wand kind of massager in the $50-100 range should suffice. Also vibrators are great alone or with other toys.

Nipple Play – Add a vibe to  those clips or nip suckers,put the vibe on high. Nipple sluts will melt in my hand!
Manual prostate – Haven’t upgraded to vibrating prostate massager? Put your manual one  in and diddle it with the wand!
Chastity- With or without the cage the wand is a great way to tease and deny that naughty cock! also great too to aid Milking
Foot / Body worship – What better way to up your body worship play but to please  her with the addition of that wand!

Do you have a favorite toy to pair a wand with? I want to know!

Accessories for the wand
There are many silicone-like sleeves, diddling fingers, and even prostate attachment options!  Recently a naughty pet purchased the Domi from lovense (more on that next!) and the cock sleeve has a dual purpose and has an attached prostate massager! First report is: Oh My Fucking G#D! LOL and is a bit sore the next day! Again, you won’t go wrong if you spring for an attachment, it gives us options. Mistress loves options!

Lovnse Domi is powerful

Power is where it’s at baby!

Remote Controlled Toys

I happen to enjoy the lovense brand of toys. They have multiple toys to choose from. You can use them alone or with a partner! Your partner can be “right there” or across the world. I’ve found their app is flexible and has a web-based interface which is easy to navigate!  It has a chat option on their app, as well as the option to create special “patterns” to send to your partner for them to use “WHENEVER”. I’m enjoying creating tasks for my pets using this option! Oh since I have you here, let me ask you. Would YOU pay for a “set of patterns” meaning $20.00 will give you two “Mistress” created patterns? I’d love to hear from you!

Also, I would love to know which remote-controlled toys you enjoy! I would also be eager to know if they have a web-based application!

Cock Straps, Chains, Chastity And More!

Sex Toy

Now some might not think of a Chastity cage as a ‘sex toy’ necessarily and probably think chastity is the exact
opposite of “having sex”. In some respects you are right! But I’ll tell you why I classify it as a sex toy.

Under the umbrella of ‘sex toy’ I consider any object which causes arousal. So when we open that door there is a LOT on the table that can be considered a sex toy! Locking up my cock for the day, week or weeks certainly causes arousal on both sides of that cage! Let us not forget the lovely explosive orgasms which are also had with “chastity” play. True I know some shrimp dicks never orgasm, but I didn’t specifically say WHO is having orgasms, did I? ha!

Other lovely items to add to your bounty, leather cock straps, nipple clamps ,or hey why not combine them!? I just love the look of clamps chains and a ring around my cock!

If you are into sensation or pain play, then there is a lot of fun to be had with wooden, leather and plastic paddles! CBT has never been better with the four screw ball crusher! Such delicious torment. All of these items elicit a sexual response for many, I classify them all as sex toys.

But if all this talk has you feeling blue because your circumstance doesn’t allow for such delicious toys. Keep reading, there are a lot of things around your house that can become a sex toy.

DIY Sex Toys

So you are limited of the sexy toys you can have at your disposal!? You don’t have to worry because the creative and sexy mind of Mistress is here!
Consider the following for some sexy fun while masturbating alone or with me! If you want to know more about any of these items like “how will that work” I’m only a phone call away!

  • Plastic baggie, lube and a hand towel
  • Showerhead
  • Silk (soft) scarf
  • Hair tie
  • Muddler
  • Round handle hair brush
  • Pillows
  • Ribbon
  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden or plastic long handled spoon
  • Panties
  • Clothes pins

This is just a tease of the ways we can take everyday items and turn them into something naughty! I would LOVE to hear your ideas! Give me what ya got! Don’t hold back!

Clean Clean and Clean again!

No post on sex toys would be complete without mentioning cleaning your toys. I know I shouldn’t have to but unfortunately, there IS a need!
Mild soap, warm water, and a couple of terry cloth washcloths are all you need. I don’t care how nappish, tired, or how late it is after your O, do it. No excuses.

After your post orgasmic glow fades get that naughty ass to the sink. Please read any literature your toy comes with for their recommendations.Basic generic guidelines as follows.

Washing with warm water and mild soap, allowing them to air dry “out in the open”. Secreting them away in a plastic baggie is not recommended! moisture = mold and mold = bad. If you are not afforded the luxury of air drying your toys, then drying every nook n cranny as you are able. When cleaning toys like auto strokers and pocket pussy you can even use a handle of a spoon to push the terry cloth down into it. Then taking a clean dry terrycloth to insert/wrap (whatever the case may be) will help keep that toy dry.

sex toys

sex toys makes Mistress happy!

Lastly Vacation Message

Don’t Miss Me Too Much! Starting Sunday, Sept 6 through Tuesday, Sept 8 This Sexy Ms is taking some much-needed time off! I adore and love playing with you but sometimes we need to hit the reset button. I look forward to returning on Wednesday to all of your sexy and fun comments!

Thank you for your continued support of me, visiting my blog regularly (and hanging out!) It’s because of you lovely sexy folk that I get to do something I LOVE!




Until We Chat ????

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