CBT is a special punishment for naughty submissive males and CBT is what you’ll get if you are found on the Krampus list! You see, previously on Princess Andi’s blog she introduced the dark side of the holiday’s : Krampus. Good guys get get treats and presents! But what if you are not good? This is where Mistress gives what naughty guys deserve. Last time I talked about a naughty spanking as a punishment for a naughty sub. Today, we continue. What If you didn’t learn your first lesson, with the spanking?  Let’s say your transgression was so severe it warrants ratcheting things up a notch?

CBT – Prelude

He was enjoying a really hot night with this girl. He was really digging her, and she was being an extra tease tonight. He was out of his mind with arousal at this point. From the time he picked her up, until he got her back to her place she really turned it on tonight. He smiled, and thought about how quickly she could arouse him with a look or a wink. His cock twitched when his thoughts fantasized what that lovely pussy would feel like around his cock.
As the prelude to getting his willy wet she got a bit rough with him. Chuckling he thought: It’s all a good. Bit of slap and tickle with the fucking was fine by him. Pressed up against the wall this she devil devours his lips, her tongue exploring his mouth.

Krampus cbt

I’ve got you right where I wantyou

CBT Introduction

Her leg raises up between his, erotically stimulating him with her firm thigh. But she doesn’t stop, more and more pressure and he pulls his mouth away. Woah, Um………he looks down at her, her eyes changed from a soft brown now were blood red. They proceeded to mesmerize him, he was glued in place. His mind screamed stop her, but his body wouldn’t respond. His heart beating and cock and balls firmly held in place.

CBT Cock and Ball Torment Continues

His head spinning , then heard a distressing noise. Realizing he was hearing his own gasp and cry, as the pain in his precious nether regions sent him sailing.
Listen to my bonus audio continuing on with my Krampus cbt fun. Stay tuned for more on the Krampus naughty list with Mistress Andi at Phone Sex Princess Blog! Do you think you are on the naughty list?