Krampus holiday spanking is a curious title isn’t it, pet?  Andi and I were talking about holiday presents and naughty gifts that we like to dole out  when we started talking about those who might not have been so “good this year”. You know, those topping from the bottom submissive males. Their naughty sticks thinking it deserves attention. Well, here’s a little ditty about a particularly bad subby and his holiday visit from Enchantrix’s version of the Krampus!

Naughty Submissive

spanking for naughty submissive

Have You Been Naughty

Charming in his own right, cute bill or  billy (as I like to refer to him as) likes to play on the internet as a submissive. Letting a woman guide his masturbation, and pretending to play along. Mistress denied his orgasm in session, as a means of training his brain and his body to respond exactly how she wishes, when she wishes. But Mistress isn’t dumb. She knows men, and their “MO” better than they know themselves. She knows that naughty submissive had a “quite” orgasm, just by the change in his tone and demeanor. He did try to pretend he didn’t, and went on going through his paces, but Mistress knows.  Oh he thought he was getting “away” with it, she didn’t say anything to him. But Mistress knows, and Mistress Remembers.

Spanking for a Naughty Submissive

Next session Mistress was ready for this naughty subby. With her purring sultry voice teasing him, and his mind, over and over she had him where she wanted him.t this naughty sub to agree “anything Mistress, anything you want”. Mistress then knocked at his door. He didn’t realize it but when he opened the door his punishment was evident. Standing before him, his beautiful Mistress, tight red dress, amazing make up, he stuttered and sputtered out a greeting. Eyeing him with skeptical eyes her tone and temperament not like in session. A small back at her hand , he offers to take it from him. No, that won’t be necessary she responds, with a lack of emotion that shook him to his core.

Without a word she proceeds to the dining room, pulling a chair, commanding him to worship her feet, legs ass. Back to that state of euphoria the session takes a turn. For the better some might say, or for the worse others might think.

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