Lingerie for sexy play is on the docket today!  Hello, my faithful pets and any new curious new cummers to my blog! Today’s post is very special.  I have  included a sexy little audio about the theme, as my Thank You , to YOU!

Well, more like thank you to all who liked my tweets! I think you should thank them, too.  Because of them YOU are getting this teasingly delicious, free audio, about yours truly and about some of my very favorite sexy fem things to wear!   It all started a few weeks back I had a lovely twitter follower suggest a special treat if I reached a certain amount of likes three weeks straight!

Lingerie Always for Sexy Play

No, it’s not. Nor is it necessarily sexy play for  men who wear lingerie.  Sometimes it is just to feel feminine, girlie. That translates as submissive for some. For me, it feels powerful.  I, like many other women and  sissy’s I know, love to put on pretty feminine things just to get that “Oh So Fem” feeling! Doesn’t matter, overalls, jeans or sweat pants, when you have a sexy lace thong underneath, the world is brighter and a more sexy place. Add to that a soft lace camisole and you my friend have sexual dynamite disguised under frumpy clothes!

Lingerie Femdom Play

I think every gal, Mistress or not, has a sexy outfit , or ten, that makes them feel the strength of their feminine power. That outfit, is your expression your inner (or outer! HA!) Femdom. What do you like? Leather, lace, satin?  If what you wear helps you feel like taking the wheel, taking charge of your and his sexuality then we’ve hit pay dirt!  That IS your Femdom style! I personally love thigh high boots, I have a few pairs! Combined with a corset or bustier, thigh high stockings and matching panties.  Leaving just those sexy items on for play or slipping on a short knit dress over top and going out for a spell, either way I’m in charge and ready to play!

Lingerie for Sexy Play

But there are a myriad of sexy things to wear for sexy play. Teddies and satin chemise’s are my favorites to wear when working. Add to that some tap pants and cami’s, and I’m a happy girl.  Benefit #506 working from home: I make the dress code!

Now if you are a cotton bikini and cotton sports bra kinda gal, that’s OK too! I had a lover who went crazy when I wore just a pair of white cotton bikini panties and a plain white T!  Lingerie no matter your style if it makes you feel good, helps you feel sexy then go for it!  If it pushes your partner’s buttons then werk it!  Work that bitch till he’s crying, I say. *laughs*

Thanks for dropping by, pets.  Won’t you listen to this very special audio, made as a Thank You for all of your “LIKES“. 🙂 If you don’t follow me, what are you waiting for? Get your sexy arse over to my twitter / tumblr (if you prefer) and let’s have some fun on the daily, over there!

Lingerie Sexy Play

Lingerie For Sexy Play