Welcome to First Saturday! This is where I post some fun erotica. My regular blog posts this week are about cuckolds but I had so much fun yesterday with a certain someone that I wanted to share some of my thoughts about it here. 


Sliding her sparkling threaders in her lobes, casually inspecting herself in the mirror as she does. Perfectly powdered and painted. She’s ready.  Her mind whirling with sexy images, as she prepared herself for this night. Images, one after another caress her mind.  Snapshots of what she wants. What she will get. Tonight.

This evening has been in the making for quite sometime. She reminisces over the  year. The ups and downs. The periods of little connection, juxtaposed with a flurry of sexy activity, and transformation. She was right all along. All those tasks, those lessons really had an impact. Sometimes she wasn’t sure why her lessons were so rough. So difficult to understand the purpose. But now, now that she’s ready , she understands. 

Her heart flutters, as she steps back and inspects herself in the full length mirror.

Long soft hair cascading down her shoulders. Loving the tickle and how it softly caressed her back. Her big smile, lips shimmering with gloss so inviting for a kiss, she giggled to herself. She thinks like that now.

Admiring her purple A-line chiffon cocktail dress,  she loved the soft fabric as it swooshed around her legs when she walked.  How sexy she felt with her princess sweetheart neckline, so perfect to show off her cleavage.  She felt attractive, sexy and horny!  Feeling the firm lace snug around her thighs, those sheer stockings like butter adorned her legs. Her perfect heels and she was ready! 

Her clit tingled in her lace panties and she was glad she put on a pantie liner. Mistress wouldn’t like it if she solid her party dress tonight.

Tonight, Mistress said: She’s ready. She’s ready for her final lesson and indoctrination to sissy-hood. After tonight, there’s no turning back. If she did well at her party she will  be Mistress Erika’s sissy girl forever, and there’s nothing she wanted more! 

Your Lisa Story!

I have fun with sissies, as no two are exactly alike. My sexy sissy snowflakes! I adore teaching and guiding you through your sissy journey. Having fantasy play like the above, is an important part of any sissy training! Don’t you agree?

Have a sissy Saturday!
Mistress Erika