Little dicks, big dicks, pricks, cocks and penis discussions are a plenty around these parts. Today we look at cock suckers. Typically, little dicks seeking out big dicks when it comes to cock sucking.  Many love the idea of pleasing a penis much larger than theirs. Some aren’t so particular, you know who you are. Your mantra is “cock a doodle doo, any cock will do! Ha ha! I love it. Let’s play! 

SPH  aka Little Dick

Is it true that small dicks seek bigger dick? I get asked that question. I certainly think so , at least the far majority of cock sucking sluts I am involved with. Particularly with this one sissy I’m thinking of.  Cock Sucking Dick Breath Sissy Jamie paid me a visit recently. She’s well known around these parts as a cock slut. Why she’s a cock slut is pain to see. Well with good eyes that is, ones able to see small things!? ????????  When you are sporting small member like that, it’s no wonder she’s obsessed with cocks, right?

We had fun comparing her tiny appendage to bigger cocks! It reaffirms her very being. She is what she was meant to be. Her less endowed clit starts trembling and twitching at the mention of a juicy thick treat.  It  proved quite the entertaining afternoon getting caught up with the antics of this sissy slut.

Cum Eating

As we play and explore her slutty nature, I had a surprise for her. Meeting up and comparing her little dick to my studs big dick. Exploring that larger prick she can’t get enough. Worshiping is an understatement as this whore slurped and gobbled that fuck stick. 

True to her moniker dick breath took a load right in her mouth. Savoring and enjoying that load in her mouth before letting it slide  down her gullet.  This slut doesn’t need to be encouraged to eat cum her cum eating fantasies have turned reality! 

When she was done with her worshiping, when her belly warm and full of sperm, is when she purrs like a satisfied cat.

Dick Worship

Little Dick Meets Big Dick

Are you a dick worshiping slut? Do you have a little dick and dream of pleasing bigger dicks? Then you need to call and I need to play with you. You crave to let that whore loose! I know you, you know it. 

Ecstasy  awaits your trembling lips. Go on, tell yourself I’ve coerced into cock sucking . You’re doing it “For me” . Fine by me if it “sits better in your brain”. Because I will make sure those lips are firmly around that shaft and your head is bobbing back and forth , if that’s what is needed.

Why? Because you do need it. You need to reach your true dick worshiping potential. I’m here to make sure you reach it! 

Until We Chat ????

Sissy Cock Sucking Training Mistress