Locked For Mistress is a peek into another life. First-hand thoughts and feelings about the other side of my play. I am always sharing my experiences and thoughts with you. This post is going to be a bit different, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ll be turning the tables on those close to me, and have given consent. I let them share with you,  to see if it resonates, or perhaps even titillate. Today it’s some thoughts on sissy chastity by Little Peg. She was prolific with her sharing about her journey, so I have to give you a taste today. If you want to hear more, I have it right here in my back pocket!

Sissy Chastity Routine

Many girls benefit from a routine. Particularly if you are developing new habits. Reminding yourself to take care of your face every morning and night, can help any sissy feel fem during the day. The same thing appliesSissy Chastity locked for Mistress 18+ 800-601-6975 to your sissy chastity routine. You may not be able to lock 24/7, and I understand you have certain boundaries. Although not ideal in comparison to your desires, it is something we can enjoy.

We pair your chastity routine with affirmations, and “slipping into your girl” Can you wear panties? Fantastic! What would that look like for some? Let’s take a look,Sissy Peg, or little Peg as many around here know her by, gives us a peek into her routine, and feelings.

Every morning I rise eagerly, (not like that!) looking forward to another day of sissy chastity in my little cage.
My situation, alas does not allow for an around-the-clock cock lock, however this arrangement provides me with a sense that each night is Christmas Eve and in the morning I will receive the most wonderful gift a sissy could receive.
Another day to serve as Mistress’s locked little pet.

There is Safety In Chastity

I know putting you in chastity can solve many challenges a sissy may have. Sometimes you are a chronic sissy masturbator, others may want their orgasms to mean something, as in they have earned an orgasm. I love to make you earn them, so if that just made your clitty jump, jump on over to my email and introduce yourself!

Back to Safety in Chastity. Chastity is also a way to feel My control and feel your lack of choice.  You no longer have to concern yourself with when and how. I will. Until then, you’ll feel that connection, and thoughts emerge “You are only the caretaker” of what is owned and controlled. In many ways, the soft ache you may feel at times is just another reminder.

The sense of security that washes over me as the cylinder locks into place and the key is removed is magical. It just feels right. I have been overwhelmed by this activity and cannot even fathom being unfettered. My thoughts throughout the day are filled with my joy at being a good pet.

The reminders are constant that I am in sissy chastity for my incredible Mistress.
Shifting in a seat, each step I take…pedestrian and mundane yes.  But when you can feel your submission to Mistress underneath your panties?  Joy!

Are You Interested In Sissy Chastity

Everyone’s chastity experience may include what Little Peg mentions above, it may include other elements. Peg sweetly suffers my teasing humiliation about little pegs… well Peg’s peg! Do you like it rougher? Did you get excited at the thought of having to earn your girlie-gasms?

Are you interested in sissy chastity but haven’t pulled the trigger on anything? Olvia and I had some fun discussing sissy chastity on The Weekly Hot Spot Do you need sissy chastity? Give it a listen and check out other sissy topics that may catch your eye.

Some Or Veteran Of Sissy Chastity

If you have moved to sissy chastity, congratulations! Some sissies have typically put themselves in chastity at some point in their journey, If you put yourself in chastity, how long have you gone and why do you do it? Does it help you feel more fem? Many are lucky enough to find a keyholder, Mistress, or partner to play with.

Have you ever played with a keyholder or Mistress? If you have, what does being in Chasity for Mistress add to your experience?

Well, that’s a lot of questions, I guess I could go on all day. Well, there are some days I have gone on all day!  Sissy fun-filled days.

Feel free to comment below, even if you are not a sissy. I realize some of the elements in this post may even resonate to my chastity pets, sissy or not.
You only need to leave a comment once, because of nefarious actions from others, all comments have to be approved.

Until We Chat

Mistress Erika 18+