Good day my friends! Is being locked in chastity humiliating or a gift? I’ll be looking at this interesting question today. Since Locktober is well underway it is a good good time to talk about some of the intimate dynamics behind chastity, when locked in chastity.

Locked In Chastity

I love a locked cock

Is Chastity Humiliating

Is the thought or act of locking up your cock humiliating for you? I know at some level every man feels a bit humbled by the experience. You’ve been conditioned your entire life about the power of your phallus, regardless of the size. The entire “being a man” thing is your ability to provide. Financially, emotionally and physically. So to take that ability to provide away, and you have a very humbling experience some liken it to humiliation.

What makes chastity humiliating or not is the reason behind locking up that cock. Sometimes chastity play is because the guy has a lackluster cockette and shouldn’t be allowed to roam free like a real man. Then the chastity play is centered around that humiliation. You are not good enough, and should feel your shame wrapped around that sorry excuse for penis, as much as possible

Is Being Locked In Chastity A gift

Unlike the above, where your short comings are the reasons for your cock’s captivity more often is the case of being locked in erotic chastity play. A form of cock control, for sure. If you masturbate too much leaving little to nothing for the lady in your life, well what good is that? She’s unhappy and you know that’s never good.  So this chastity play will show your devotion to your lady is shown by having her lock that cock, keeping it hot n horny just for her is the gift, the commitment you make to her. She unlocks  you daily, weekly or whenever she wants to play!

Not being able to play with her cock is a major misconception among women out there as to why women say no to chastity. “But I like it when it’s hard” “cock is too much fun to lock up”. Trust me, I identify with both statements. I too love cock. But locking up that cock doesn’t mean you don’t get any of those things, it just means you are in charge of when you get to play, assured your cock will be ready willing and able to please her. How long can you , or how long you stay locked in chastity is entirely up to her.

Chastity Is A Gift For You Both

In addition to giving her that gift of control. Knowing you’ll be dreaming of her, how to please her so she will want to play with that cock is your gift of chastity. Making you a better man, more focused on the right things. For some chastity heightens the feelings of submission, devotion and commitment. It is a magnificent thing to experience and one reason why I enjoy being a chastity Mistress.

What are some of your ideas about chastity play? I’d like to hear them. Comment below, better yet let’s chat! You know how: Pick up that phone or connect with me on skype for your chastity talk  sexy texting session! Don’t have Skype? We have our own kinky chat room, private secure.

Until We Chat ????

Chastity Mistress Erika