Chastity play for beginners is our topic for today. As you may or may not realize tomorrow begins the month of Locktober where Mistresses all over lock their chastity pets up for the duration! Does chastity scare you? What is there to be scared of? These are some of the things we will talk about today. If you haven’t talked with your Mistress about Locktober yet, then you probably won’t be participating to its fullest extent. But that doesn’t mean  you can’t participate in some capacity.

Let’s start with some basic chastity for beginners talking points.

Why Chastity Play

Chastity comes with all types of yummy erotic elements. Not only do you have lust, and desire as that locked cock’s pines away in that cage. But there must be trust and a mutual understanding regarding the parameters of the chastity play at hand. One of the tastiest elements, which is a result of locking up your manhood, is that D/s power exchange. You’ll experience a whole new level of submission.  Why wouldn’t you want to experience and build on that trust you have with your Mistress? Why not experience another level to your submission?

Male Chastity

Explore Male Chastity

Chastity Negotiations

So here we are at the chastity negotiations. Much like any other D/s negotiations both party’s bare all. If they are interested in chastity, why they are interested. What are their expectations and with chastity, the length of play.  In this negotiation, as I’ve explained to many, it is simply not possible to be topping from the bottom, if you share your thoughts and expectations during this time. This is actually part of the power exchange. The foreplay , of  your kinky activities, if you will. You are submitting your uttermost intimate thoughts and desires to your trusted Key Holder. You are providing to me, as your Key Holder, the road map and erotic tools I need to Dominate. Of course those tools are mixed and administered with my special charm. *winks*.

However once the boundaries and negotiations are complete. Pet, then you submit. You now have handed over your power. It is in Mistress’s hands now.

Try Chastity You’ll Like It

Does chastity scare you?  A bit of fear is a good thing, thrilling even. But if you are really scared of chastity then let’s look at that fear. Many times fear is base on the unknown. The “what ifs”.  I’ll answer the “what if”. Many misconceptions are out there regarding chastity and Dominant Women. But chastity and chastity play is as individual as the people involved. If you trust your Mistress you’ll trust her even more when she leads you in chastity.

I encourage you to do some reading and research so when we do discuss chastity you can have a well rounded perspective.

Check out chastity from a male perspective. How both you and your Mistress can grow , explore and learn from.

Chastity Tease Let’s Fuck With Your Head(s)

Here’s a taste of what our chastity play may entail. I have a delicious submissive , let’s call him “C”. Well C, has handed over control of that cock and his orgasms to me 100% for the last few months. We have even begun to play with erotic chastity!

I like to come up with challenges (aka mind fucks ha!), and he loves my challenges! So while he was recently out of town in a luxury resort I instructed him to count the number of women he saw by the pool, which fell within a certain set of parameters. We would multiply that number by 2. (for the amount of boobies he saw)  I told him I would figure out “something fun” for us with that final “number”.

First day he counted 14 women which translates to 28. Next day 4 women.

I had mistakenly remembered 28 as the number of women, not breasts, so I tallied (in error) 64! When he so cautiously pointed out that his final number came to 36, I reviewed and saw my error. I gave pet an option. He could PICK 36 OR 64 and I will tell him TODAY what I’ve decided to do with that number,  C choose 64.
Did he think the number represented strokes I would allow? Did he think 64 would be enough to be sure there would be an orgasm? I suspect that’s why he chose it.
But my pet, When I came up with our little game, I already knew what I would do with that number. Now it is time for you to submit and obey:

You get to spend 64 hours in chastity for me, this month of  Locktober! ——-

                                         You’re welcome and thanks for playing COCK of Fortune! (audience screams w/ applause)

Check back this month as I highlight chastity in my blogs and give you a first hand peek at what being in chastity for me might look like.  What kind of fun (games) we can have while My cock is locked. And how phone sex chastity is right for you.

Until We Chat ????

Chastity Mistress Erika