Hi there tiny dancers! Monday’s Bog was about Macrophilia , people who enjoy sexual fantasies about people larger than themselves. The Giantess growing to large size or the guy, shrinking to a diminutive size. But Macrophilia , in and of itself doesn’t require an unattainable “fantasy” tiny size . Some, lovers of large, can find their very own, very real Giantess!


Simply stated is the lover of large. So for a male of a 5’4″  and a slight stature paired with a woman of 5’7″ does qualify. After all 5’7″ woman in 4″ heels will tower over the little guy and can elicit those same submissive feelings. This is what, I think, is at the heart of all Giantess themed erotica: The submission. Feeling not in control, yet controlled and at the mercy of another.


Do you like Tall Gals?

Macrophilia Switching of Roles

In addition to those lovely submissive feelings, is the obvious switch of traditional roles. When the tiny is a man, which is more common, and the Woman in the leadership role you begin to see the correlation to Domination and submission in the way we play “here”. Even in the very “real” experience of the aforementioned 5’4″ guy, he isn’t equipped to lead. Hardly ever given that opportunity to learn to lead, as his small size has left him out of most “manly” activities. Being a leader takes many things, experience is one of them. Some might say they were born (because of their size) to be submissive.

Macrophilia Revamped

Revamped? Yes. I had a delightful number of comments on my previous blog, including one where they suggested the tiny “thing” is his minuscule male dangle. What a lovely idea working along the lines of shrinking that a Woman so inclined, would wield her power and that arrogant male’s long strong penis begins to shrink into a diminutive size. With the slow shrinkage of his cock, so does his ego. His own will as he slides down that submissive rabbit hole.

I just got chill bumps. You?