Let’s not split hairs. You’ve masturbated at work. Some of you don’t lie-I’ve been there! A smaller percentage of you have wanted to, but for lack of opportunity and privacy, haven’t. So naturally the conversation, comes around to me at times. It seems inquiring minds want to know.  Does Phone Femdom ever masturbate at work? If so , while on a call? What a fun conversation, don’t you think? Lets look at Masturbation at work and what it might mean to a Phone Mistress.

Masturbation At Work Concerns

Privacy is a must. A locked office door is often all you need to have some fun time. Between you and I,  I don’t care if you are arriving early, or staying late, and no one is around. If you value your lifestyle you’ll heed my warning. Sure we can play like the door is unlocked, or even open. I’m here to have fun, not ruin you!

But as you can imagine, I already have that privacy don’t I?  Working out of my own home, who can ask for a better atmosphere for feeling sexy and masturbating at work!  I know some of you who work out of your home are tempted all the time , some of you have reached out for help!

Masturbation at work

1-800-601-6975 Masturbation Mistress Erika

Sexy Advantage Mistress Has For Masturbating at work

What do you imagine Mistress wearing in your sessions? I find whether I’m wearing  an oh so sexy back cross baby doll purple lace satin chemises, my bathing suit (it is summer in Florida, people!) or my short white terry robe, feeling sexy and fem is always a great way to get in a sexy mood for a day of your hot calls! Which leads us to…

Masturbation At Work For Mistress

So Mistress has the privacy, and sexy advantage of wearing sexy items for sessions.  I have been asked more than once , what about you Mistress, do you get aroused?
Do I get aroused? I most certainly do! Will I tell you? Maybe or I may not. It depends on the call, my mood and if the the moon is in the seventh house, and …. Oh no, that’s something else entirely. Never mind.

But you see where I’m going.  Hot edging sessions, hearing you pant and plead is a sure fire way of making sure my panties are wet! Your erotic confessions are great when I hear the excitement in your voice, that hitch of breath as your arousal rises! Who wouldn’t be aroused? I will tell  you our hot calls are often fuel for many orgasms over the week!

But you want to know when I had those orgasms, more specifically if I’ve masturbated during a session. If asked that by you, my reply teasingly chastizing, reminded them I’m not the one here erotic confession! LOL   If you want the answer to that question, you’ll have to call me. I’ll tell you.

But what I want to know is how you feel about masturbation at work for Mistress? I want to hear from  you!