Masturbation Humiliation is probably not for the general public. But for a large portion of you, I will bet  love a bit of humiliation with your masturbation. Be it subtle or harsh, it gives you a special thrill. Since it’s Masturbation May and we are highlighting humiliation around the Enchantrix Empire this month I figured why not combine two tasty treats in one and offer a tasty treat for you! More on that later, but firs let’s take a look at masturbation humiliation.

Masturbation Humiliation Kinky Fantasy

Does your dick do a dance at the thought of someone walking in on you during your most intimate self love times? Perhaps your kinky masturbation humiliation is about you being coerced to display your manhood, even pleasure yourself in front of others?

Many who call me want to do a fantasy or role play session. Fantasy sessions are mainly your desires and ideas and I whip it up in a hot fucking masturbation fantasy for you. Generally fantasy I do most of the taking with little back and forth. Role-playing is a bit more interactive where we both assume a role and well, play it out! LOL. But both require you to tell me your fantasy!

Humiliation Through Guided Masturbation

JOI ( jerk off instructions ) or guided masturbation sessions are a lot of fun and can be sensual and erotic! For those who love a few naughty words tossed in, or those where we’ve played a long time and you KNOW I adore you, I might toss into your regular JOI session a few, what some might consider humiliating words. Oh Yea, stroker slut. What a good hand humper you are! You just might find you DO enjoy a bit of teasing and sensual humiliation with your jerking.

Of course one of the ultimate in masturbation humiliations,is the Denial of orgasm  instead of release! “Please don’t leave me like this! Please!” Is thrilling for me at the end of a nice long jerk and leak session! Don’t worry horny pets, we’ll negotiate all of thise before we begin session.

Ready For Humiliation Tasks With Your Masturbation

Humm…Ever fuck the floor? a sofa?  I kinda think masturbation in different ways, with toys etc is just hot. But some find it just a lil bit humiliating!! But wait!! Before you run screaming, holding your crotch hear me out. It’s true I do enjoy a bit of CBT and  I do have an inner sadist but lucky you I have a rather fond affection for the Cock and won’t have you rubbing it raw on rough sofa fabric. Do you have a stroker or pocket pussy? No? That’s ok. Let’s do a pre session email or text (via skype ) and I’ll tell you the items to get for a DIY pocket pussy.

How else? Pain and humiliation? A dab of toothpaste in sensitive areas. Spanking nads, or sensitive cock heads.  Posing or dancing on cam in rather revealing clothing and positions, is always fun with a bit of stroking and edging. How about thrusting those hips on your hands and knees so your hard peen slaps against your belly? Oh! Many find eating cum humiliating so , while you are stroking, edging , leakin and begging to cum I just might let you if you promise to eat it! You don’t have to cum, now do you?  So many humiliating ways to masturbate with a task!


A Taste Of Humiliation

With humiliation and masturbation in mind I created a fun little humiliation package for you at our phone sex assignment store!
If  you are new to humiliation tasks, or even if you are an experienced slut you’ll love the humiliating and sometimes sexy tasks I lay out for you! I’m calling it : Humiliation Week.

Package contains 7 days of humiliating instructions
Daily masturbation tasks
4 Minute Erotic audio (Don’t listen before specified date!)
Chance to get 5 free with me!

Masturbation Humiliation

Stroke Edge Repeat Do Not Cum

In your naughty package I have you recording your activities, and providing certain evidence of compliance to the assignments.

At the end of your week send me and email containing your task list along with your homework. If you make me smile I’ll reply to you , letting you know that I will add five free minutes to your ten minute minimum session!

Want a longer session? Definitely! Just know five of those minutes are on me for being such a good little humiliation slut!

Humiliation Assignment

Since erotic confessions can also be humbling or humiliating I want you to comment below if you enjoy humiliation with your masturbation. Keeping it R rated , please! Your other assignment is to listen to the questions the Lovely Mistress Olivia, Hunter and I have for you on the subject of humiliation, from Humiliation 101 podcast, from the Weekly Hot Spot! Listen Here: Humiliation Questions and of course listen to the full version here: Humiliation 101.

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika