Stroke For Mistress

You Love When We Double Teaming You

HI, Chastity Pets it is Ms. Constance Taking over the very sexy Ms. Erikas blog! I of course wanted to get in on the sexy Masturbation May Blog Take over fun. Who better to partner up with than one of my all-time favorite LDW Mistresses! You should be coming here from my blog where Ms. Erika Posted Jerk Off Instructions. I won’t be allowing chastity pets to stroke and cum but I figured fuck it we can still have some fun!

Chastity and Masturbation

There is such a thing as playing while locked in chastity and some of my chastity pets are familiar with ways to play and some are reading this saying to themselves “well fuck she never lets me do that in chastity.”

Masturbation May is a special month and you are gonna get lucky! I am adapting some of Ms. Erikas Stroking instructions for you all. Does this mean you can cum? NO not without my permission. Does this mean you get to unlock? NO that’s not happening for my locked up subbies not this month… and for some not EVER.

Playing while locked in chastity

Try these as much as you like over the next week choosing only one style per day. Keep track and let me know was if pleasurable? Did you get to the edge? Was it frustrating?

Hand over hand- Since you have a cage on that cock you are going to have to do hand over hand you will need to do it over your cage. wrap your hand around loosely and pull up and at the base all the way up and over that cage and then using your other hand do the same action. Do not do this too hard or it may be more painful than pleasurable.

Fire Stick- This one you have two options you can do this to the outside of your cage, or you can do it with your balls! Rolling them back and forth like you are trying to start a fire with sticks ( get it the fire stick stroke)

Perineum Fun instead of Frenulum Fun- Since you can’t get to that locked-up frenulum I am going to allow you some perineum fun instead. For those of you who are not aware this is the area sometimes referred to as your taint. This takes some exploring to find just the right area but once you find it you will know.

Start with stroking the area applying slight pressure, once you are sure you have found your sweet spot begin to apply more pressure. You may feel tingling in your balls. Stroke pressing in apply more and more pressure Until it feels amazing.

Circle of O- Now this one I am changing totally so you will need something such as a pocket pussy or a fleshlight to do this one. I want you to lube it up and go to town sticking your caged cock in it and stroke away.

Some of my chastity pets will be shocked I am allowing this but the reality is I think the answers to the questions asked above will be ones that make me smile, Frustrating, slightly painful and you never got to the edge. hehehehehe

Reverse stroke 3.0 This one is also being changed and instead of any stimulation on that cock you are going to grab a dildo ad do this technique on it. So call this one reverse stroke 3.0 the mind fuck edition!

Follow her instructions but do it on a dildo. No playing for you but you can close your eyes and pretend it is your dick or what used to be your dick before I took control!

Chastity Pets get to spice up Masturbation May

Much like Ms. Erika did I am going to allow you to spice up all those tease instructions above. Here are some items and things you can do to spice things up

Vibrator- You can use a vibrator on those balls or on  your cage

Anal- Vibrator, Dildo, and Anal Toys of all kinds may be used during all of this play. I wonder if you can milk yourself while in chastity with anal play. Share your .results

Soft and Sexy- Yes you too can use soft items like your panties or silky household things such as a tie or robe sash to add some soft sexy stimulation.

Spice things up- Now in order not to get too messy we won’t be using food items from the kitchen. You can spice things up with positions. Choose a different position when teasing your caged cock like legs in the air, on your side, squatting in the shower.  Try a different area of the house or various household items that humping might feel good against that changed dick.

Have fun chastity pets but don’t cum

No matter what you do with these Masturbation May workarounds for those of you in chastity remember there will be no cumming without permission. There will be no unlocking of those cages, and you must tell me what you did and how it felt and what your result was!

Enjoy the next Mastrubation May Blog Train Take over addition which will be shared on The amazing Ms. Brightons Blog post right here


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