Hello stroker pets. Are  you ready for My Masturbation May Games?  As mentioned a few months ago in my Masturbation May post, this year we are going to make your masturbation and our sessions that much more fun! If you missed the blog you can get caught up here Masturbation May Mistress Poll where I ask you, what games you would be interested in! Well ya’ll proved to be of little HELP, to deciding how we play! We had a tie! Haha! So I’m going to offer you two ways to play and win, in May! You may pick one or the other, but not both!

So with a couple of tweaks, and without further adieu Mistress Erika’s Masturbation May Stroking Games!

With Every 15 Min  Paid Session

Your first Masturbation May Games is where you earn points for free minutes!
Call me (session) May 1,2019 – May 31,2019 make a paid completed 15 min call and tell me you want to participate in my Masturbation May Games!
You will earn one point per paid minute for your  completed 15 min call, and every subsequent paid, completed, call of 15 min or more.

Rewards are as follows:
60 points free five minutes with me when you pay for ten.
90 points, free ten minutes with me when you pay for ten
120 points , free fifteen minutes no minimum purchase!

In addition to earning points for calls, after  your first paid and completed 15 min call you can earn additional points by playing with me “out there”.
-Follow me on twitter, share my posts! Click here : Erika On Twitter
-Join Enchantrix Empire and / or friend me on EE. You get the opportunity to earn one point for each comment(one comment per post counts)!
-Comment on my blogs! Each blog I post in May you can earn 2 points per comment! One comment per blog qualifies.You are welcome to post more comments per blog, just know only one per blog will earn points.

At the end of the month, with your help we’ll tally your points and see how many FREE minutes you’ve earned! Minutes must be used in June. All points expire June 30 at 11:59pm eastern. Points are only good for calls with Mistress Erika.

Enchantrix Empire Members get a special bonus: The member who participates in my Masturbation May games and calls me for the most minutes in May will receive a bonus of 5000 EE points!  EE points can be redeemed for calls with the Mistress of Your Choice? Not a Member? Join today: Enchantrix Empire

masturbation games

It pays to play, masturbation games


Second Masturbation May Games: Roll the dice!

With this masturbation May games each paid session of 15 minutes or more, you get a chance to win BIG!
During our last two minutes I’ll take 5 die and roll them once!

Masturbatin May Dice game

How Lucky do you feel?

Pair:  5 free minutes on your next call when you pay for a 10 minute call
Three of a Kind: 10 Free minutes on your next call when you pay for a 10 minute call
Four of a Kind: 15 free minutes on your next call, when you pay for a 10 minute call

If however, you don’t get any of the above, we will tally the total of the die, keep track of the count and at the end of May if you have accumulated a total of 90 or more,  you will receive 5 free minutes with your paid 10 minute call, in June.

So really the only questions are: When are you calling, and which of my Masturbation May Games will you choose?

Until We Chat ????

Mistress Erika

*you must tell me  you are participating during our call. Max points which can be earned 120.
Also, I’m extending the games, and if you want to play today or tomorrow (April 29 or 30th) I’ll count that call towards my games and you can begin today! The rest of the rules apply.