Last time I reviewed my ideas of what a mild masturbation humiliation fantasy can look like. If you didn’t see my first post, get caught up with mild masturbation humiliation.  Again, any of these levels of heat can come custom with your hot and sexy trigger words.

Medium Masturbation Humiliation

After our night out with much of the same antics, sans the champagne room. When arriving at home, three  of my girlfriends are there and I tell you to parade around and show them your stained pants, and your obvious chubby!  I tell them how I’ve been teasing that poor hard cock all night! That I’m sure you are so horny you would do just about anything to orgasm! The ladies and I giggle at your predicament. We debate on what we should do. Sending you into the other room, to undress while we decide your fate.

Pouring On The Humiliation

You are going to be our very own single version of a circle jerk! The four of us will sit in a circle with you in the middle, each of us taking turns giving you a few strokes. Sometimes we take our time, other times fast and furious as we pass you around the circle. Just like playing Pass the Penis! I can tell it’s driving you crazy, just enough stimulation to get you to that edge, but then we pass you to the next and the stroke and tempo changes!  We are giggling and laughing at your grunts and groans trying to hold back your begging for release.  You know, if I don’t ask you  to beg then you start begging all on your own, all games are over and you will be denied! Do you want that? I’m sure you don’t, so you better moan instead of beg! Ha ha ha!  Biting your lip, sometimes trying (feebly) to push yourself over the edge. You know what you did naughty boy, and it’s not going to work!  An Uproar of laughter ensues at your antics and it’s “hands off” for a count of 50!

Masturbation Humiliation

So, how long can you last. 1-800-601-6975

How Long Can You Last

Sweating panting, sweet agony and you have no idea when I’ll decide our game will be over. How long can you last torments you as the words swirl in your mind.  Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more, and without warning  you hear me say: Beg for it! Beg us for what you want! Trembling you comply, and begin your sweet sincere begging.  I release you.
I instruct you to pick up the pace.  Do it here, now, and thanking us for your orgasm as you spill. In front of everyone and while we laugh at all those noises you are making!

Is this humiliating enough for you? No? Oh, how nice. Then you will have to tune in next time for Caliente!