Mistress Day

Come And Help Us Celebrate Mistress Day!

February 13th  is known as Mistress Day or Cheaters Day. Cheaters Day? That’s not very nice is it?

Here at Enchantrix Empire we celebrate Mistress Day by celebrating the Mistresses who take your calls!

You Can Win , Three Ways

1-When you call on Monday February 13,2017  you get a hot and sexy call with your choice of available Mistresses.
Enjoy your sexy call for 10-15-20 minutes or more!

2-Every completed call is then placed in a drawing to win the SAME free minutes, up to 60 minutes! Two winners will be picked from all the completed calls between February 13, 2017 12:00 am and February 14, 2017 12:00 am.

3-From every completed call with ME, I will enter your name into another drawing from MY callers to win the same minutes for FREE, with me!  Will you be that one lucky caller to win?  Up to 60 minutes.

Mistress Day

Mistress Day 2017

Start Planning Now

Mistress day is a great day to try something new! Can’t decide between all the sexy Mistresses available? Pass the Penis is the game for you. Pick your favorite 2,3,4, or more Mistresses! Or, for added excitement, you can have dispatch pick for you! You can get a minimum of ten minutes with each sexy lady! Now, what you do on each call is up to you. Want to be teased and edged? How about playing out a different hot scenario with each Mistress? Foot worship for your first call, breast worship to continue turning up the heat, teasing and edging games with Mistress number three. Then on call four, it’s the big O for that one lucky Mistress!

In this example, our four Mistress Pass The Penis game you have your choice on how to enter !
1-Tell the dispatchers if you want 4 ten minute entries  OR
2- you can choose 1 forty minute minute entry!

Treat yourself, and plan on a sick day! 😉
Monday, February 13,2017!