It’s that time of year again! Yay! No Not Holiday Time! Well OK , I GUESS there are holiday celebrations abound this time of year! (Laughs)
I’m talking about my LDW Anniversary! What better time to escape the holiday madness, and have some kinky fun with your sexy Mistress!

As My thank you to my adoring fans, pets , friends and new to me naughties,  I have some very special treats in store for you when you session with me in December!

Free Sexy Audio*

Everyone Who Sessions With Me During My Anniversary In December is eligible for  my sexy holiday treat!
You can receive a free five minute erotic audio


Erotic Audio

Erotic Audio

Not just any audio, mind you. A teasingly delightful erotic audio of a more, Mmm vanilla and sexy variety! I have two for you to choose from!

One is  a blow job tease and the other, for those who prefer pleasing me, a hot pussy tease audio!


All you have to do is
1- Session with me in December
2-Wish me a Happy Anniversary
3-Ask for your sexy holiday treat!

Call me twice during December and you can earn both of these sexy teases!

*We have to be connected through Email, Skype , Twitter or Enchantrix Empire for me to send you the audio!

Surprise Treats!

Other Anniversary treats are in play!
In addition to the naughty audio, you may win another treat!treat
From December 1 through December 29 (4 weeks) I will give out treats to random clients who pay for a 20 minute session or more.

Therefore the weeks are as follows:
December 2021
Wednesday 1st – Tuesday 7th
Wednesday 8th- Tuesday 14th
Wednesday 15th- Tuesday 21st
Wednesday 22nt – Tuesday 29th

Five Treats Per Week, 20 treats in total!

The treats on the table are:

✔10 Free Texting Minutes / or one free email exchange (2 prizes available each week)
✔Naughty Holiday Picture Of Me
✔30 days of beginners cock control
✔ I customize your free erotic 5 minute audio, adding your name and a little something from our call, specific to your kink.Not to exceed 10 minutes.

Once I’ve given out that treat for the week, it is off the table!
So Call Early before all the treats for the week have been won!

Christmas Gifts And Showing of Affection

It is that time of year where my pets want to demonstrate their affection for me and treat me with something special,  or do something to show their appreciation for me and how much I mean to them. I appreciate your appreciation! Although you provide everything I need, if you have that urge to do something more here are my suggestions, to you.

I have updated my Amazon Wish List. However, because the mail is how it is ,and to help out those at the office who are tasked with processing and sending me your gift I’m going to give you a few more ways you can show me your affection and appreciation.

Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift cards! Did I say Gift cards? LOL you’ll see a lot of them on my wish list!  Some think they are impersonal but I disagree!  You are gifting me the gift of shopping AND not spending my money. I always  think of the gift giver while shopping!

Extended Sessions: It’s always a treat to spend more time with you! Also, you are always welcome to ask Dispatch if you can give me a Bouquet! Ask her for details.

Ramp up your interaction “out there” , commenting on my blogs, twitter posts and filling out a Rate My Call survey after our calls!

December Mystery Mistress!

Finally my sexy pets, Head Mistress Ally is giving you all a sexy holiday gift!
If you have been around the Enchantrix Empire for a while, you probably already know we have a Mistress of the Month, every month! Highlighting a sexy Mistress inviting you to check her out!

December is going to be 25X hotter! How exciting is it going to be when there will be a Mystery Mistress of the DAY!

There will be 25 randomly picked Ladies! When you call our Mystery Mistress on Her Day, you will receive an additional 5 Minutes free! All you do is pay for a ten minute (or more)  call with the Mystery Mistress, and you will receive an additional 5 minutes.

So that ten minute call just turned into 15! Want a longer call? Fantastic, just know five of those minutes with our Mystery Mistress will be on the house!

No one knows who will be picked next! The featured Mistress will let you know on her day!

I’m so excited to find out if I will be one of the Mystery Mistress’ picked!

Don’t worry ! I’ll shout it from the rooftops, if/when that happens.

So check back here Daily for a post, or follow my twitter account for the sexy announcement! Don’t have twitter? That’s ok! Just look over to the right side of my blog page, you can see my feed here!

That’s all I have for you today, pets. Looking forward to having a fantastic December with you in my orbit!

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika