On a dark deserted highway……………………….

The woosh of the air whistled through the vent as the air cranked on. That, and the soft breeze of the conditioned air softly caressing his cheek, roused him from his state. As he lay there, thoughts and images started to invade his waking mind. But, was he just asleep? Or better yet:  when was he awake in the last few days? The answer was too difficult to decipher so he stopped having it. Easier that way. Plus He no longer knew.  He no longer cared.

Come Into My Parlor ….

It all started innocently enough, stopped at a rest area during a long road trip. No one was expecting him for days, and he enjoyed exploring the country when he could.

Then,something caught his eye. When he looked up: There she was, a stunning sexy woman. One of those Women who make you want to sink to your knees and dream of  worshiping her body. Worshiping those long legs, that ass, those tits!

She began to flirt with him shamelessly and he was hooked by her feminine magnetism. She seemed so confident and took charge right away, which was strike two, to  his resolve. 

Did she know? Na! How could she, he reasoned with himself. He always got off to the fantasies of being owned and controlled. Always playing at “cock control,” “edging” and other assorted naughty ways to masturbate with the Sexy Mistresses with  LDW.

Before he could think, they were at dinner and making sounds like hanging out together for the weekend. He was mesmerized by every nuance and detail. Those sparkling eyes, dancing with something very wicked behind them. The way she held  her fork, pursed her lips in amusement and winked knowingly at him. He was hooked.

He had to taste more of this erotic vixen, so he agreed. The weekend it was.  Give me your number, he did and she tap tap tapped it into her phone. His eyes fixated on those pretty painted nails, slender soft fingers.  With a wink and a blown kiss she gets up and sashay’s away. Just as her pert ass rounded the corner to walk out of the building, his phone vibrated. It made him jump and rouse him from his dreamlike state. Becoming acutely aware of his arousal as he looked at his phone.  An address, from her. 

Mistress Mind Meld
Mistress Compels you

Sexual Mind Fuck

When he arrived, she answered the door in a to-die-for teddy, thigh highs and a sheer robe, he almost sank to his knees at the threshold. “Jackpot,” he screamed to himself as his dick did a little dance in his boxers.

Grabbing his shirt and firmly pulling him inside and up against her body, she looks deeply into his eyes, as her lips invaded his mouth. She doesn’t blink. Her tongue penetrating and probing his mouth like no one has ever done. His heart slammed, hard in his chest he’s never known a woman to come-on so strong. He liked it!

Pulling her full lips from his, forehead to forehead, 
breathlessly she whispered: Do you want this? 
Yes, he greedily replies.
“Before we begin you are free to go, if you like.” She purred, and grabbed his ass, grinding her pelvis into his throbbing crotch.
His answer now echoing in his head: “Oh baby, I gotta stay!”  

As the conditioned  air blew past his cheek, and he slowly rolls over in bed, he recalled the events that got him here. Closing his eyes softly he smelled her perfume and his mind swirled. 

Now he knew, why. Why she asked him that question. The question was posed for just moments like this. When he contemplated his life. He had to concede he was always given the option to stop this. So it was all his doing, in the end.

Hours, days were spent contemplating his journey. That road trip, that rest stop. Who was he kidding: What road trip? What job? What family? None of that mattered now. Free to go, echoed in his mind. Free, freedom. Yes the concept of freedom crept back into his thoughts, again. 

Was he? Was he free? As the thoughts soared through his mind, he felt cuffs go around his wrists, his ankles. Reminding him he was owned. She was there, always. Knowing. All his intimate  thoughts.

Looking down at the bare flesh of his wrists and ankles. There is nothing there. He shivered, as tremor raced though his body.
Free, humm.   
Is a fish free to fly? 
He wasn’t free.

Mind Meld

So it goes, he needed her wanted her more day after day. For when he was the recipient of  her gaze the world was right. When she was gone nothing made much sense. He’d do anything she asked for her attention. And he did, she made sure of it. One step at a time. 

Then that last session, when every thing started falling into place. His life changed forever. During a rather lengthy and intense edging session his body began to tingle like he was being immersed into a bath of sparkling water. His thoughts slowed and quieted to a soft murmur.  Time seemed to, stand still.  And as the sensation of floating/drifting enveloped him,  new thoughts images passed through his mind.

Lipstick, stockings,panties.

Then intense arousal, what his brain screamed. Shaking his head trying to get the thoughts to stop. But they begin again in earnest.  Bubble baths, manicures, pedicures……. his feelings changing, he was falling…. submitting…. hearing whispers in his mind, you are beautiful, graceful, feminine. You want this you need this, this is you, this is you.

Mistress Mind Meld

He recalls all of it as if it were a dream. But it wasn’t. A Dream. He rises from the bed, and his nightie flows softly around  his bum as he pads softly to the bath. Flipping on the light, his eyes take a minute to adjust, squinting and looking into the large mirror he’s still shocked by the disparity of how he still refers to himself, and what he looks like now. 

Mistress’ perfect girl, she said. Voluptuous breasts, smooth skin. Full lips, shaped eyebrows. Soft round hips, and yes: A pert ass. She runs her soft fingers, painted a hot  pink down her center and marveled at who she’d become.

Just one more session of intense conditioning and you’ll forever stop thinking of yourself with male pronouns!” , Mistresses words whispering in his head.

Mistress seemed quite happy with herself.

Taking over his mind, showing him her feminine thoughts, desires and needs. They took over, one by one. Replacing a male thought/ behavior with female ones.

HER female behavior.  

The list was was long and all but one was accomplished.

His feminization nearly complete.

The pronouns were last to go.

Today her thoughts whispered, as she watched  Mistress, in the mirror, prepare for session.

Today, he is gone forever .

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