STOP THE PRESS, GET YOUR HAND OFF THAT COCK! I am Enchantrix Mistress of the Month for March! Woo hoo!

I am so appreciative of the lovely support I receive from the kinky and kind folks over at Enchantrix Empire for nominating me for this honor!
I know I am among the elite in “the business” here at LDW/Enchantrix. There are some Kick Ass Women here and I love being one of them! Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m fucking awesome  and in general am self motivated, so the additional confirmation and subsequent accolades is icing on the cake!

Mistress of the Month Fun!

So in order to thank those at Enchantrix for their support and to make this a kinky and fun month since the spotlight is  on moi I’m going to tease you with some sexy offerings!

Enchantrix Empire Only Treats

One person at Enchantrix Will Win 10 free with me!
I’m also giving out Enchantrix Empire Points!
Points can be cashed in for FREE calls!

In order to find out more , you’ll have to be a member!

New Callers

For every New Caller To Me (not LDW) I will ad 5 minutes free to your paid ten minute session in March.
>That means your ten minute call just turned into 15!
>Want a longer session, OF COURSE! Just know 5 of those minutes are on me!!
> New To Me Caller also includes anyone who hasn’t called me in a year.
I want to Welcome You Back!

Returning Naughties

Each of your sessions in March gains you an entry to win one of the following:

1-Free Custom Ten Minute Erotic Audio From Me ($40 dollar value, 1 Grand prize winner)
2-Ten Minutes Free With Me NO Minimum Purchase!! (3 winners)
> All types of sessions are included: phone, text or cam. Three ten minute prizes will be awarded!
3-Three Free Email Exchanges with me (3 Winners)
> email exchanges can be related to session (training) , or independent just to discuss naughty things!
An email exchange is my reply to you, and you’ll get three!

That is 7 prizes being given out total! Excited yet? I am! All winners will be selected and notified by April 2,2021
All You Have To Do To Qualify
Congratulate me on being Mistress of the Month and let me know what prize you hope to win! Winners will be notified, and those  who give me permission will be publicly announced! Don’t worry I don’t  post personal stuff, and we can you your “nick name” IE: Little peg, or stroker slut! ????

Getting To Know Me!

One great thing that happens when you are Mistress of the Month is that I have the opportunity to meet new people, who may have not been aware how fucking awesome I am! But don’t believe me, believe these kinky folk who left a review about our session!


Mistress Erika is fantastic. She does not hesitate to show her excitement over being the fantastic dominant she is.
 I am so lucky to have found Goddess Erika. Today we did a pain play session with the metal spikes digging into my pee-pee and the ball crusher. It was heaven. Goddess Erika is the first Mistress that totally understands me and is the only Mistress that can train me.

To read more of my reviews click here-Mistress Review

What Kind Of Kinky Fun

I love all kinds of sessions! Role play , fantasy where I create a naughty story for you to stroke to. Femdom training including Cock control. From JOI and guided masturbation, edging, ruined orgasm and CHASTITY! Do you love your feminine side? So do I, we can go shopping on line, talk about girlie things or even make you into my sissy slut for the day! I could go on and on , I don’t have a lot of hard boundaries so don’t hesitate to reach out in private and see if I’m into your kink!

Here are links to some of my profiles, is your kink there? If not don’t worry I probably AM into it, these are just SOME of my profiles.

Erotic Voices
Suck Patrol
Edging Phone Sex
Cuckold Fantasies
Stroke For Me
Male Chastity
Erotic Confession
Mistress of Mean

Other fun we’ll be having to celebrate is a Free 1 hour public chat! Join me at Community Kink for some fun! The when will be announced on twitter.

If you don’t have twitter, just look over to the right plane on my blog. You’ll see the feed. I’ll announce it the day before, and the day of chat when you can join for some casual fun! If I have the time I just might do two chats!

No sexting, session talk please in this informal medium. With that said, we are free to discuss different types of sessions.

Also check back/check my twitter feed because I feel some POP up promo’s to be sprinkled into the mix!

What are you waiting for? Come and Get a Taste! ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika


Click for audio >>>