For the die-hard anal fan the title of my blog, Much Ado About Anal Sex, probably sends them into outer space! They can’t understand why the average Joe, or Jane doesn’t fall hand over cock at the mention of playing with that hot button! Yet others cringe at the thought! I often hear both extremes when it comes to this kink.  What is it about Anal Sex that is both taboo and so damn hot? Most everyone agrees a shapely buttock is very erotic? To touch, caress Why not explore further?

History of Anal Sex

Truth is people have probably been having anal sex since the first time we made the connection between sex and babies.  Anal sex was a  very reliable birth control method for our ancient ancestors. Anal sex has been depicted throughout our history as something bad, belonging to the depraved. We all know about religious taboo’s, societal restrictions.  Once being seen as sex of the “brothels” where the ladies would encourage anal sex to avoid pregnancy. There are thousands of well trotted out reasons why NOT to engage the anus. I think one culprit was largely because proper lube hadn’t been invented! Think about it. What lube was available then? Spit, olive oil, animal grease?! Ouch!

New to Anal

Anal Sex

Much Ado About Anal Sex

It’s important to start small, lubed and prepped! Skipping these will either send you running for the hills or finding out what a pain slut you really are! But, if the feeling of being ravaged by a porcupine on a pole doesn’t do it for you, here’s some steps to take to make sure your first experience is pleasurable and not admittable (emergency room).

Start of with a small dildo or fingers
Use a silicone based lube
Make sure you are very aroused before playing with your butt button. Some folks are less inhibited when turned on and more willing to push their limits.

Slow Simmering Sexy

From all the stories I’ve heard from others about their first experience there’s one lesson: Don’t rush things, play, explore and discover all the new sensations and the new heights of passion you and your partner can achieve! Allowing your mind to relax and enjoy your experience, as you train that hot ass to relax is something you won’t regret. Then, as you train, you can try lager dildos. When that special day comes you’ll be ready for the real thing! Then if you like it a bit ruff, then go for it! Always remember, be safe and be sane! #Wrapthatshitup

Come-on – Back That Ass Up!