Ms Constance and I are having some naughty holiday fun and want YOU to be a part of it!

Ms Constance and I were chatting recently and she shared with me something naughty she was doing.  When I saw the picture I was in hysterics! I had to quickly do something just as fun. I showed her my naughty picture, then we started brainstorming!
We should do this on a larger scale!
Invite all of our fans to join in the fun!

How to enter:

Get your holiday decorations, arrange and pose them! Then take a picture!  Of course they should be in dirty and kinky positions. Send those pictures to us, and we will be choosing 3 lucky winners to get an awesome prize.

Send pictures to or  and put in the subject line Dirty Decorating Contest.

We also encourage you to post your submissions at Enchantrix Empire for all to enjoy! Not a member of EE?
No time like the present to join! Click this link, Enchantrix Empire

Now you naughty guys: Only the decorations! We don’t want YOU in the picture! That way we can share them with all of our fans and followers!

Here is where this event becomes interesting! We are not just laughing and giggling and saying “Thank you.”
Oh no! That’s not how “we do”!

There are going to be prizes!! These prizes YOU WANT to win………….. check them out!

1st prize is a free 10 minute 2 Mistress call with Constance and Erika!

2nd prize is a 5 minute Two Mistress custom audio on whatever topic the winner chooses

3rd prize is 5,000 EE points from each of us which is 10,000 points total!

For those who may not be aware: at EE you post, comment  , create blogs and groups for specific interests all while earning points! Enough points and YOU can “cash them in” for a free call! The points have no monetary value, just “phonesex” value!

Let the dirty decorating begin!

If you have any questions about the rules or want to ask anything about this holiday promo please feel free to hit up Erika or Constance! Don’t forget to run over to Mistress Constance’s blog naughty pics too: Intelligentfemdom

Until we chat,

Dirty Decorating Mistress Erika

Here are some other pics I took and a submission from a submissive!

Where’s  your pics! I wanna see them!

Dirty Decorating

BDSM play

Dirty Decorate

Naughty Snowmen!