Noisy Sex


Want to know a secret? I love noisy sex! I also love noisy men! No, not loud talkers, cheering on their favorite teams. I’m talking about men who have noisy sex! I want to hear you moan, grunt and whimper. It adds so much to the energy to the call.

Noisy Sex

Men often tell stories about sneaking in multiple jerks a day, not having the luxury of making a sound, thus they have evolved a “jerk-it and orgasm” on the down-lo type MO.  I get it.

But you are all grown up now! Time to learn how to express yourself in all areas of your life! It is hard at first, to relax enough, to allow yourself to be vocal. Stop worrying over things like “what will she think of me”, “do I sound odd or like a freak” and just let it out! I won’t judge you! I love hearing you and love the variations each person has with their own brand of  Sexy Noise!

Let me ask you this, when a lady you are being intimate with moans, what happens to you? Yep, it’s a turn on! Same for me. The more I hear you, the better the feedback, the more lost in the call I become. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scream, if you are worried your neighbors might hear! Your softer desperate sounds are just as exciting. Particularly, if you tell me about your, shall we say, need for quite? I’ll take that as a challenge and giggle when I get you to loudly moan,knowing you are at the point of “I don’t care” where men will do all sorts of naughty things! *fanning myself* is it getting hot in here or…….

If you are one of the silent and jerkin kind o’ guy, let me help you change your mind. Not only are your expressions of passion a turn on for your partner but it also amps up your experience! Noisy Sex is the best!

Start Soft, But For Crying Out Loud: Start

The best calls are so HOT, when we are feeding off each other. Just by adding this sexy and hot way of communicating with me, it will ensure your experience is the best it can be. It is certainly is (for me) the sexiest way to communicate during intimacy, allowing yourself to relax enough to verbalize your passion. Start by deep cleansing breaths and just let go.  If you start to pant, don’t hide it let me hear it. Go on, let out that soft moan, I love it!

So, during the call when you feel it, your voice, allow it to be expressed. It may sound odd to you at first, but don’t worry I’ll be there tell you how f-in hot it is!  Once you allow yourself the pleasure of expressing your passion verbally and become comfortable with it, you’ll be surprised how much it adds to your entire experience. Encouraging you, increasing that sexual tension, taking you higher and higher. When your orgasm washes over you, let it all out, shout, groan, even cry! You’ll have a better orgasm, and know it pleases me. Greatly. That’s why I LOVE guys who want to play edging games. Most are very verbal, and it just drives me into a sexual frenzy remembering their cry, moans and pleads!

Call me, I want to hear you!