Objectification pet, you’re out there. You read my blogs each week, dream of calling me. But you are “no one” “nothing”.  The thought of a beautiful woman even gazing your way gets you into overdrive, hum? You have me thinking of this fascinating particular submissive scene.

noun: objectification; plural noun: objectifications
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  1. 1.
    the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object.
    “the objectification of women as sexual possessions”
  2. 2.
    the expression of something abstract in a concrete form.
    “the objectification of images may be astonishingly vivid in dreams”

Feeling submissive , not  worthy, and crave to be anything she desires just for the chance to be near her. To have the chance of catching her perfume on the soft circulating air around her.  You really don’t want her to acknowledge you much at all, you’d just make a silly fool of yourself. Thinking you could ever be clever, smart or charming enough for her. At least being useful in some meaningless way will fulfull your humiliation fantasies.  Butler if you are lucky.

Kneeling on hands and knees, my lovely feet up on your back. Is that your idea of a foot stool? Perhaps, it is for most. Less connection, less interaction. But that’s it. Nothing. I’m a multi-tasking crazy person most of the time, so I won’t have you there doing NOTHING.

If you are my foot stool, then on your knees , ass on your heels.  I’ll choose a lovely pair of pumps , long strong stiletto heels , you’d love.  You crave to be of simple service to a sexy sassy woman.  Clean my shoes, buff them and shine them. You can then remove them and tend to those pretty feet.  Pretty feet need pampering and care! A nice pedicure will do just fine! So perhaps you are not a bona-fide piece of living room furniture! Call me “nobody nowhere” let’s make a connection over objectification, as odd as that sounds!