Hello Fetish Fans! Olfactophilia , aka a smell fetish, is on the docket today. Have you heard of it? Before you click away STOP! This subject is more up your alley than you may think! Trust me.    In simple terms it means you are sexually aroused by various odors, and in particular ones produced by the human body. Not so yucky , humm? Like a lot of fetishes it has various dynamics which play out differently with each person. Let’s take a look.

Smell Fetish Science of Odors

No where in the description of Olfactophilia does it say malodorous smells. It’s a common assumption that it’s only malodorous scents are included in this fetish.  Malodorous in and of itself, is extremely subjective. We are largely conditioned that some odors are “bad” while others are “good”.  The power of our scent sense is greatly under valued. Smell , or shall I say certain scents are powerful memory triggers. Eliciting long forgotten memory’s just by using smell. I found a very informative article about the phenomenon  talking about proustian memory effect.No wonder a Mistress would be interested in how the mind and body works when it comes to your sense of smell!

Scent Triggers Memory

Based on the above  you see how Oelfactophilia isn’t necessarily odors most find unsavory. Imagine if you will that first time you made love.  The scent of her perfume , or of her individual scent of her body the first time you made love. If that connection was strong enough you might even get aroused when detecting the same scent elsewhere. Do you see how deliciously sensual and erotic using your sense of smell along with all of our fun and games could be? I do.

How To Use Scent

I do enjoy using the power of scent whenever I’m afforded to do so. Introducing a particular scent, perhaps of my favorite perfume or body spray to our fantasy.  Even  using scent when  you are gloriously floating in subspace allowing the molecules envelope your mind, arousing you addicting you to the feminine scent. With enough stimulation and repeated lessons I would expect your mind and body to run into high arousal regardless of your circumstance, just by a detection of the sexy scent as it drifts to through your nose. Could you, would you develop a smell fetish? How submissive, how owned would you feel if out of nowhere, when the soft scent of musk and lavender are detected has you aroused hard and needing more?

Smell Fetish

Smell Fetish creating that sexual sensual scene

Smell Fetish

The smell fetish most think of when the topic is brought up IS about the more unfavorable scents , at least to our society they are. I think the majority of heterosexual males love a wide and varied “smell” when it comes to a woman’s naughty bits. More men than you may think tell me they love the sent of their lady after a workout. The scent of their sweat combined with the sent of their hot box drives them wild! If you ask the women about the smell of their coochie after a long hot work out the majority would grimace and think “Let me take a shower first”. Although I do like feeling clean and fresh, the idea of my man, becoming aroused and fuckable regardless of the condition of my pussy is attractive!  One less thing to  think about.  It’s also kinda taboo in our culture and I so ENJOY turning societal conventions on their ear!

Down And Dirty Smell Fetish Humiliation

I’ve done a few smell fetish calls, and I know you guys are out there! Bring it on, it doesn’t dissuade me. Incorporating a bit of body worship, unwashed of course! From armpits, pussy, asses and assholes. Let us not forget those who have a foot fetish! Some who love Love LOVE a stocking covered foot , buried in leather boots all day. The scent of leather is another big “YES” for many, as it too evokes all those feel good hormones and spurs your arousal. Now some view their love of smell as a part of their sexuality, they appreciate the different scent “notes” in various forms, helping them feel sensual, sexy and aroused.

Still others, however, are more addicted to the humiliation that might come with scent play. Being commanded to sniff my asshole. Saying asshole, lick the dirt off my toes. The act and the scent produce a humiliation response. You know I’m no stranger to that scene! *eyebrow wiggle*

Your Turn

So, now that I’ve demystified the scent fetish, what are your thoughts on using scent play with your erotic session? Comment below, or email me!

Until We Chat ????
Fantasy Mistress Erika