I was recently asked: Why orgasm control Mistress? It is true, orgasm control is only one of the topics of conversation on any given day. There are calls where I create a fantasy for someone to enjoy as they wish.  Many task and goal orientated callers love getting instructions and comments on what I see on skype during our call. Petticoats and stockings are a daily fare. Yes, I talk about all kinds of fun things! But I only talk about orgasm control with those who say they want to submit to me, have me take control of them (for whatever reason) and coerce them into doing many naughty things!

Submissive [suh b-mis-iv]

per dictionary.com:

Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control Mistress


1. inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another;unresistingly or humbly obedient:
submissive servants.

2. marked by or indicating submission or an instance of yielding to the authority of another:
a submissive reply.

I am sure some of you reading this right now are shaking their heads. DUH who doesn’t know that? You’re preaching to the choir! But for others they really need to understand what they are saying when they say to a Mistress  they want to submit.

Why Orgasm Control

My first reply to the question Why Orgasm Control, Is why not? First, it’s really hot for me, do you need any other reasons? Of course you don’t. See the definition of”submissive, above.  But in addition it really exercises the Dom/sub dynamic you came to me for!  Think about it. What is quintessentially the primary male directive, to reproduce, right?  So strong is the male sex drive, many practice it seemingly NON-Stop! Therefore what is the most powerful motivator for the male? See where I’m going?

Giving Up Control

Therefore, when you come to me and tell me you want me to compel you to be submissive what better way for you to feel submissive. What better way to feel my control than to edge repeatedly and not have release, because I said so.  To feel your control slipping away bit by bit. Being replaced in your head with my words, my whispers. Yes, that’s what you crave. Now trust me and let go.