Hi there, fans!  I have a  kinky way to spend some of  your summer! Orgasm Edging! I’m going to have summer school and help you learn or improve your orgasm edging skills!  Naughty cocks NEED apply! *laughs*

This summer you can practice and master the art of orgasm edging,  and I’m going to make it super easy for you to do so! I think every cock erm guy should be an expert at edging and holding that cum! Your Mistress and any woman you bed will appreciate your effort!

Orgasm Edging

Orgasm Edging Lessons
here’s your first lesson:
Look, don’t touch

Orgasm Edging for Better Sex

You know orgasm edging lends to explosive orgasms.  And you’ve found out you can only get so far by yourself. Wondering what it’s like adding a Femdom influence, adding elements of submission and control?

Let’s discuss your thoughts. Telling (or showing me) what you already do to regarding orgasm  control. What your current limits are, and we will decide on goals. I should mention, rewards are generously given, when lessons are taken seriously and progress is made.

Orgasm Edging Lessons

From that first session,  I can warm you up, and work you over and really test what you’ve said about your edging experience, in a session to get a real taste of your abilities. We’ll also decide on a schedule.

I understand that free time is at a premium and I’ll be sensitive to those circumstances, and be as flexible as possible. Once a week, once every other week whatever frequency and duration we set.  Each lesson will find you with homework until the next lesson.

Some conditions apply:

You have to commit to at least 4 sessions during the time summer school is in session!
Summer school is : June 1- July 31.

You will receive your lesson plan after our first session  and you will also be allowed one email correspondence per lesson, for follow up and questions.

You will receive one 5 minute JOI and guided masturbation audio, and naughty picture as a graduation gift after successfully completing your course.

Hope you make this summer the summer of edging and explosive orgasms! Even if you are unsure, don’t hesitate to call and discuss your concerns! It’s not like I have some kind of feminine mystical power to draw you into my sexual web and never allow you to venture onto vanilla grounds again.  Right? ????????

Until we chat.

Cock Control Mistress,

Intelligent Phone Fantasy