Owned sissy, owned pet. In Femdom there is a element of domination revolving around being owned. What does that mean, what does it look like? let’s take a look at our sweet fem sissy Ms Carli.

The Creation Of Carli

I am unsure exactly how Carli came to love being feminized and in the long run doesn’t matter. What matters is Carli has been interested in being put in panties and bras and made to feel like a girl for a very long time. Carli has been Enchantrix Empire’s Cream Puff for longer than I’ve been here. Yes our Carli is well known at Enchantrix.

Ownership Of Carli

There are a few broad categories of sessions and training we offer here at Enchantrix. Many don’t involve talk of ownership.But many do. Generally, when you drill it down, there are two types of ownership.

1-More playmates than not come and spend a delicious sexy time with us and move on with the rest of their life. Do I own or control them for that 20-30-60 min session? I most certainly do!  This is one type of “ownership” situation ownership, play ownership. The power exchange is mostly assumed and given over for that short period of highly charged erotic play.

2- A lessor number of playmates desire a bit more. This is where our Carli comes in. Not only in session but also outside of session we continue our connection, training and sissy fun! This is one benefit of being owned.

Enchantrix Cream Puff

It is true that many Mistresses here have played with and feminized our Carli over the years. In this past year the fantastic Ms Daphne and I have been hyper focused on Carli and inviting other Mistress to have some fun along with us! Our connection grew and soon our Carli started making noises about being an owned sissy. What does that mean to our carli? Certainly “ownership” is defined by the participants, so we asked her.

Step one down,Ms Carli told us what ownership means to her, and what her expectations are.

Step two: Ms Daphne and I talked about what’s important to us and our ownership of carli. I love working with Ms Daphne she has a clever mind and the fact she’s sexy AF doesn’t hurt either! She had some great idea’s and collaborating with her is brilliant!

Before too long the three of us have it down the expectations we have from Ms Carli and what Ms Carli can expect from us.  One thing in our agreement is our Carli continuing to serve other Mistresses of Enchantrix and in essence keeping her as our cream puff girl forever!

Rules For Being An Owned Sissy

As I mentioned above, ownership is defined by the participants. Be it an owned sissy, an owned stroking chastity pet. Whatever the kink, if there is a power exchange then ownership is on  the table. But how that plays out is up to both the Mistress and submissive.

There is a common misconception that a Dominant just does whatever they feel like, and the submissive takes whatever is dished out. Certainly some do enjoy that play , activity or lifestyle. But this one, like many agreements, have been negotiated. Entering into an ownership agreement is an egalitarian endeavor and if you are considering handing yourself over to someone(s) and they don’t have a conversation with you that defines expectations, and boundaries then that is a huge red flag.


More Fun With Owned Sissy Carli

Sissy task

sissy task

Part of our agreement is giving sissy carli assignments and one of those assignments was to lay out all of her bras (she has many!) and taking a picture for this blog. Sissy gurl loves to do tasks for Mistress, help Mistress with her work, and always take her feminization tasks seriously! Fun some may be but there is a reason and purpose behind every task, everything is a lesson, pet.

So stay tuned to my blog for more fun with Sissy Carli. You can also follow Sissy Carlie her on Twitter CreamPuff  for her updates.
You have to check out the marvolous Ms Daphne’s blog. I hear she’ll be telling you a bit more about the fun we have with our Carli girl!
Clickity click to EnchantrixDaphne.com

Considering Ownership

Do you long to be owned by a beautiful woman? Whether it’s myself, Daphne or someone else I’d love to talk with you about it. Guide you, help you set your expectations, how to approach and negotiate a Dominant. Again be it me or someone else. I spent an hour a few days ago with someone considering going to an in person Dominant with the mindset of ownership as the end game.  He’s only done long distance and needed guidance. I’m happy to help. Not all sessions are orgasmic, and my advice has proved beneficial for many.

Until We Chat ????

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