How are your body worship skills? I’m sure you might think they are stellar, and they might be! Read on because today we will go over a few tips and tricks for you to up that game and I’m sure there’s at least ONE thing that I will mention that you need to know! We all know one of the most delicious ways for you to demonstrate your devotion and dedication to HER pleasure is body worship. So we’ll start with what body worship IS and what it isn’t.

What Is Body Worship

No, I don’t think you are an idiot, far from it. I’m sure you have your own ideas about worshipping a lovely female body. Keep it in your pants, fella. Well, for now, anyway.

But one thing I do know is that you hail from the Y chromosome land and that inherently makes you focus on the end goal. Her orgasm. But bear in mind many times a body worship session doesn’t necessarily end in orgasm.

Don’t think I’m coming down on you, I’m not.Β  It’s not your fault necessarily, it’s how you are wired and conditioned by your culture. But for body worship, to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion the pleasure is in the journey. You will worship, with your eyes. You will worship with your fingers and your entire being. But you are not allowed to worship with that cock, unless she initiates it. So that cock as hard as it may get, as much as you feel that animalistic need to push and go further you are prohibited! This is not a reciprocal activity. Reign it in, expect to submit and serve.

Body worship is about her, and how you can serve and please her. Would I allow more if you were to worship me well? Perhaps. But perhaps not, it’s not for you to decide. I will naturally invite you to do more if that’s what I desire, but one wrong move, one “just let’s push this further” will not bode well for you. Keep yourself in check!

With that said, you can find yourself locked in chastity as a constant reminder this isn’t about you. It will help you focus!

Body Worship Preparation

Since body worship is about the journey and the experience that means every little detail must be attended to. Up your body worship game and make a checklist

The temperature of the room, find her ideal setting.
Dim the room, and consider non-flame candle illumination for peace of mind.
Have her favorite warm beverage.
Have meditative or other preferred relaxing music.
Favorite scent lightly applied at the corners of the sheets.
Warm oils
Warmed towels
Optional-Consider a tray to keep warm moist hand towels, and oil handy.
A bowl of her favorite sweet treats nearby.

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Styles of Body Worship

Sensual body worship like all body worship is the pleasurable stimulation of her entire body and can have a specific focus on one or few body parts. Massaging firmly or lightly, take some time to educate yourself on massage, watch a video, or get a massage. Many of the same touches, including feathery light touches, will all be utilized.

During your worshipping feel the gift of her skin against your fingertips. Marveling at her soft rounded curves with your eyes. But never with lips and or tongue unless requested. Your goal is to have her enjoy every inch of her body, and you are the facilitator. Depending on the couple, since this isn’t heavily peppered with any power exchange there might be an agreement, perhaps to be a bit teasing she’ll “signal” him to increase his attention, using his lips, tongue, and of course that cock.

Submissive body worship does include sensual body worship but can be much much more. There is more direction and ritual to the worshipping. A submissive may hope for more from Mistress, a release perhaps, But understands it’s not his place to expect it. This symbolizes a distinct power dynamic where you honor your Mistress as the Goddess she is and if you suffer a bit of frustration and longing, so be it. It’s with submissive body worship that things can get very specific. Let’s take a look.

Fetish Body Worship

With many, the focus is on a particular body part. From an intense desire on one end of the worshipping scale all the way to a full-blown fetish. This play leads down the submissive continuum. For some, it’s the simple weakness of her soft curved foot. With added exciting elements when decorated in stockings or delicious heels. Certainly, toe kissing and sucking are very hot options for most with a foot fetish, but foot worship, excels when you take care of, wash dry, and give a lovely pedicure.

Face sitting also known as Queening is a lovely expression of the power exchange with femdom body worship. It can range from an aggressive form of specific body worship to a very pleasing way for a chastity pet to provide pleasure for Mistress.

Leg and ass worship are among the most popular specific fetish body worship but coming up right behind them are kinks and fetishes revolving around hands, ears, elbows, and every part of the body.

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Pamper And Please Her

With your thoughts, preparation, and enthusiasm you can provide her the ever-encompassing experience of devotion and worship she deserves. Even if it’s in fantasy, I would love to share a lovely fantasy or role-play those sexy skills or give you more in-depth training to hone your skills.

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