Pass The Penis is the name of the game, but how we play is yet to be conveyed!  Wonder what I mean? Well, traditionally with pass the penis we give you JOI/ guided masturbation instructions as you cycle through the gauntlet of sexy Mistresses. Does this sound interesting to you, then read on. But If you know about our pass the penis game, hold on don’t go anywhere!  Hang in there, and keep reading because I’m going to suggest something that you might have never heard before. Hint: see the first line.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Pass The Penis

Pass The PenisFirst, for those who are unaware of what this sexy penis game is, a bit of background, particularly for phone sex virgins: Typical calls are one on one with a sexy lady. We also offer sessions via skype or other chat platforms. Check with the Mistress you want to session with for more details. I use skype.  We also offer Multiple Mistress calls. This call is where you and two, or three (More??)  Mistress are all talking with you during a session like a group conversation.

How Pass the penis differs: Every 10 Minutes you speak to another lady. One after another we tease and torment you one-on-one, pushing those buttons and those limits! Your job is to hold that cum throughout all the calls, and typically orgasm in the end, with the final Mistress.

I know you’ll love how we pass YOU around!

With this example, for 30 minutes you can be teased by three different ladies! Can you handle that!? *raises eyebrow*  But hell, if you have the time,  you can set it up to be passed from one to the other for 15 or 20 minutes each! Our friendly and professional dispatchers can help you with any questions or hit me up by email or on skype. I’ll be happy to help, as I am able.


Different Types Of Passing You Around

Pass this penis

18+ pass the penis

So if JOI or guided masturbation is your jam then our traditional Pass The Penis is what you seek!
However, we can change the genre of the game to what speaks to you.

Pass the Penis can be adjusted for YOUR kink! Think about it. There are many ways we can play. How we play is up to you!

What’s your kink?

Chastity- Pass the chastity pet. You are not stroking, but perhaps there are other toys at play? Or perhaps you are on assignment from your Mistress
to call other Enchantrix Mistresses and confess their chastity desires to them, or ask for advice.

Cocksucking– Ask to play “pass the cocksucker”. Has Mistress trained you to be a good slut? Show off!

Feminization– Pass the sissy! Sissy’s in particular sissy sluts can’t get enough of being slutted out around the Empire!

CBT– Ask to play pass the penis with a focus on CBT! Are you brave enough to speak to a few “New To You Mistresses” when it comes to your jiggling bits?

Humilation– Pass the humiliation slut! What makes you blush, and that todger tingle?
Erotic confessions? SPH? CFNM?

Tease and Denial– Pass the denied stroker! You know it’s hot, you know it’s fun to hear Mistress deny you! For some feeling that delicious ache* and loving every moment. But, tease toy, can you take a big fat NO, and direct order keep that cum in those balls?
     *protip blue balls are the result of constricted blood vessels from persistent arousal, try a warm bath, or heating pad if you find your typical remedy/ice doesn’t help.

I could go on and on with the various kinks which are available for play, but I think you get the idea! Let me know what kind of naughty passing we can do in the comments!

Why  Pass the Penis

Got Cock?

There are some sexy benefits when you play pass the penis, I’m going to mention a couple and I want to hear from you! Why would you like to play PTP?

➡️ You get to know some ladies you might not have had a session with before. Our big brains love novelty and that little brain does too!

➡️ Submissive training. For pets who have an open mind, I love organizing a pass the penis game and working with you on the schedule of ladies who might be in play. THEN sending them a little note about “you”. Some of you are thrilled to have sexy ladies talking about you!

How To Pass The Penis

Peruse the profiles on Pass The Penis to choose a few ladies to speak with. Keep in mind not all ladies may be on at the same time. So I suggest you make your primary list, and a few more for backup. Think about reading and selecting the Mistresses like foreplay! You know you’ll be hard the entire time but NO touching. My orders.

Or if you simply can’t stand yourself and must be teased/released NOW…..Let our dispatches decide, and it will be a thrilling ride!

Gift For Playing Pass The Penis:

For Every Pass The Penis Game I play in September, I’ll give you one entry. At the end of the month, I’ll pick one winner to win a five-minute free custom erotic audio! All you have to do is mention you saw this post during your session. The audio can be JOI instructions, or whatever you like within my boundaries!

In addition, make sure you check your favorite Mistress’ blog and Enchantrix Weekly for other possible treats you can enjoy this month!

Bet you want to pass that hot cock around, now. Humm?

Until I tease you 💋

Intelligent phone fantasy Mistress Erika