Everyone has their place and your place is that of a pathetic sissy! Genetically a male I imagine, what you refer to as a penis, doesn’t do very much to further that  cause.  You long for purpose, to serve and please someone much greater than you! I’ll give you purpose. Direction and pity. This week we are talking about humiliation and today pathetic sissy humiliation.

Pathetic Sissy

I imagine you kneeling, pink panties stained with your sissy juice! Once again you have disappointed me. You see my boots and hear their click click click as I walk around you, kneeling on the hard wood floor. You should be humiliated sissy ,after all I’ve done for you! I kept  you near after I found out you had such a small penis! You’re sporting a three inch cock aren’t ya stud!? What other woman would do that? None, that’s how many! Now you cannot even hold your cum long enough to please me!

Your Pathetic Sissy Secret

In addition to having a small penis and a  sissy secret! Your secret is your sissy clit gets excited and wants to squirt over pretty women’s panties and bras! Ha ha! Of course you want to dress and feel oh-so fem! But it’s the delicate fabrics, how they feel. How they look. No sucking cock for this sissy. Hell, she’s just fine not even getting pussy! All she really wants, all she really needs is a soft laced bra, of good quality, and a pair of soft stain panties with the scalloped laced trim that matches the bra. You gaze at the soft cups and lace and fee yourself grow. Fantasizing about this lace or that, throbbing.  Your thoughts at orgasm are of fringed lace and soft satin. Not of a man, nor of a woman. Now, that’s a secret!.

Always A Pathetic Sissy

You try to deny your true self over and over. I understand, but you’ll be much better off finding a balance in your life. You’ll always want to feel like a

Pathetic Sissy

1-800-601-6975 For your humiliation needs

pathetic sissy, always! You just need to  make time for each side of you. Home side, business side and your pathetic sissy side! When are you going to realize, your love of bras and panties is indelibly written upon your very being.

Ah, but then again… you like that pull, don’t you. You like that feeling of being humiliated! Feeling the rush and become excited by the humiliation.   Because humiliation, degradation of the man you portray in your day to day life is so deeply connected to your sexual response, you create and recreate that feeling over and over with your purchasing and purging.  Which,  well, makes you even more pathetic!

Feeling Like A Pathetic Sissy? I’d love to hear about it!