Welcome to a week of sissy! Today we are going to take a look at Paulina’s Feminization Journey. I chose Paulina’s story to start off my sissy series because it highlights some of my other sister Mistresses and gives you a taste of their style. Paulina’s journey is a fantastic one and perhaps not all unlike many of you. At first she had these thoughts, fantasies about exploring femininity. Things evolved and with the support and encouragement to explore further we now have Paulina our cream puff girl who now has her own wardrobe, bras panties , satin blouses. Make up wigs the WORKS!
Without further ado Paulina’s words on her Feminization training.

Feminization Journey With LDW Mistresses

Feminization journey

Feminization Sessions

Ms Erin has me doing feminization affirmations on how she’s turned me into her cream puff saying his everyday reminding me who I am and become along with corset training to give me women’s hour glass figure

Ms Cindy took me shopping to Victoria’s Secret with her as she said it would be good to help her pick out items only tricking me into her spraying perfume and lotions/lipstick/makeup along with taking me into fitting room to put bra/panties//dress on me showing of to everyone what she did and said if I resist she will tell all my friends what she did to me.

Ms Delia has me come over to her place as she wanted me to help her around the house only to have me strip. I felt weak/helpless/soft/submissive and feminine as I told her she looks great with killer body and I’ve got soft but she giggled and said I don’t need to work out anymore as she put bra/panties/dress/long black wig/makeup/lipstick on my lips with lipstick kisses on my cheeks saying.

I look better this way then I do as a guy. I tried to resist/say no but she said this is what best and said if I don’t cream my panties I can go back to being guy-after 5 minutes of lipstick kisses on my cheeks I lost bet and I have to stay this way all the time for her.

Ms Olivia said therapy would be good as she said as friend and my therapist this would be good for me. I told her I didn’t think I needed this but she said otherwise. Just sitting in chair and seeing her skirt/blouse unbuttoned enough to see her bra got me hard and she noticed. I saw bags/bodycon sheath dress with wig on door and she asked me my thoughts about women’s clothes/fashion and said I would look good on dress/wig/bra and said to strip. I did as said and she giggled how soft/smooth I was then proceeded to put makeup/lipstick on my lips/feminine arched eyebrows/spraying midnight perfume and lotions on my skin/long black wig/bra/panties then dress on me. I told her I’m a guy but couldn’t believe how I looked dressed this was-she made bet with me saying If I don’t cream my panties I can go back to being guy-if I lose I have to quit my job/stay this way all the time. After 5 minutes of lipstick kisses on my cheeks I lost bet and she giggled and said I have to stay this way all the time as her cream puff girl forever.

Ms Erika had me doing orgasm control as I told her I needed help with this and asked her if she can use continued feminization with this and she said absolutely. I was told hands off and if I came in my panties she would put me in chastity. Also she gave me assignments in walking with heels/getting makeup done to me which I have done.

The feminization circuit training program is best thing I ever did!!!

All of you have been so supportive of this in helping me become the cream puff girl I need to be. Ms Erika was right saying will take over my body and mind which it has.

All of you are part of my life as I’ve been calling Ms Olivia over 15 years and Ms Delia over 10 years.

Ms Cindy has 2 years along with Ms Erin just over a year along with Ms Erika who on our very first call clicked as I told her all about myself and she took off and ran with this in becoming my head feminization mistress.

This really is who I am and become as Im much happier dressing up as a girl when I’m not working/playing tennis and visiting family. Im so glad to have all of you helping and keeping me as your cream puff girl forever and I look forward to continued feminization callls forever with all of you and the hot mistresses of ldw!!!

Feminization Mistress

What will your feminization journey look like? That’s up to you, and Mistress. Each lady has her own style, some Mistresses are more casual and might fit the bill for you. Others are a  strict feminization Mistress, but each are well versed in how to help you become the best gurl you can be! We have tips and suggestions on how you can be more feminine everyday! Customized training is available outside of our circuit training, just contact the Mistress of your choice to find out more! I always encourage those who are interested exploring their fem side to do exactly that. Explore, and session with more than just one sexy Mistress. Not only is it fun to meet some of your Mistress’s Sister Mistresses but expands your gurly experience!

Do you have Feminization Dreams? We have a solution for that!

Unitl we chat ????

Feminization Mistress Erika