Welcome to JOI, my readers choice post! I tweeted and posted a poll at Enchantrix Empire  what my readers would like me to write about next! The  top choices were unusual masturbation and  JOI. JOI won but with unusual masturbation a close second, tune in next time for a blog on that. If you have any naughty unusual masturbation techniques, email them to me, or better yet. Whisper them in my ear!

Anyway….Thank you for everyone who participated! Let’s have some fun


If you’re asking yourself what the F is JOI, then you’ve come to the right place.I’m here to engage your brain , and your little fella and take you for a ride.  JOI stands for Jerk Off Instructions, some refer it as guided masturbation. I love JOI sessions everyone is different and I enjoy getting to know you over time, finding out your particular triggers.

JOI Gets Better And Better

The more we play the more fun we have the more I find out about you. Our first session(s) will be filled with me teasing and testing that hot cock. How many fast strokes, how many slow. Stroking that cock exactly how I say. What ramps up that arousal for you? Can you hold it for me? Some of you come to me with that ability. Being able to stroke and edge, repeatably. Either you, or some lovely lady taught you how to control that orgasm.

Others, well some of you are so worked up by the time I get to you, a few sexy words, and a few naughty instructions and ten minutes  and you’ve cross that finish line.  It’s a lot of fun! If you’re into more teasing then we can go to the cock control portion of my services!

I’ll remember you, how much fun I had with that cock. As I get to know you even more intimately , and that dick it’s a tease into oblivion. I’ll go all day and have gone all day. With special “Play days” I call them. You buy a block of time, on sexy texting. Then you keep your messaging open and I send you teases and tasks for the day, throughout the day ending in an explosive session. Ready for an extended tease and delay?


Getting Ready For Our Session

Moving From JOI To Cock Control

Up to you. I had one one poor fella 2.5 minutes in lost it on a two finger stroke. He was embarrassed and tried the whole “Oh you are just too sexy” to which I replied- *laughs* regardless it’s your job as a man to hold that cum, is it not? We talked and he admitted “I need help”   I’m proud to say spurt-o-rama is currently reached the 10 minute mark. Making progress! Ha!

Who knows, I might just have you do more than JOI. You man enough for that?  It won’t be the first time I put a man against a wall. Or in a shower to have some naughty fun. Going to the adult book store to gather goodies? that’s always a great time.

I enjoy engaging with you, here in twitter and at Enchantrix. I put the poll up on twitter and Enchantrix Empire. If you want to be part of the fun on future readers choice options , you’re pretty clever. I know , you know, just to click the handy dandy link I’ve provided.

Mmm Good boy.

Until We Chat ????
JOI Mistress Erika