Don’t get all higgly jiggly on me when I start talking about  reasons for chastity. I see you squirming! Gosh, talk about locking up a man’s junk and you

reasons for chastity

Erotic Chastity
With Mistress Erika

get all kinds of looks. Mainly, looks of horror! No? Not you? Curious? Aroused? Mmmm nice! Femdom, cock control and chastity  often go hand in hand. In my eyes, cock control and  it’s progression in erotic play is  one reason to play with chastity. One true way to ensure compliance and play with those submissive responses. Let’s take a look some reasons for chastity!

Reasons For Chasity : Chronic Masturbation

Either by habit or design your hands travel to your nether regions for a bit of slap and tickle with your pickle, way more than you should. Your reason for chastity is  the time you spend on this endeavor. You know it too! Spending inordinate amounts of time, finding time and material to masturbate with seems more like a part time job. You know you could be a better man, you know you should be a better man. The day isn’t going to grow minutes so taking your hour, or more, a day wanking habit and whittling it  down to an hour a week gives you an instant 6 hours to spend on other worthwhile endeavors. That may not seem like much, but over the course of a year you have now gained 13 DAYS to spend on work, family and other pleasures.  Sounds like a no brainer, hum?

Reasons For Chastity: Tiny Dick

You are done insulting women. trying to have sex with them, with that less than average dick. Good for you! Now what do we do with that naughty nubbin? Lock that cock up! Your reason for chastity is to develop other skills. Horny men learn quickly. So while you are locked and no attention is needed in that realm you can focus on better things. Perhaps your pedicure skills, oral skills and cooking/serving skills will get you close to that pretty pussy you still crave. Soon though only your fingers mouth will have the pleasures your tiny dicklette has long ago forgotten.

Reasons For Chastity Erotic Play

Enjoying Dominant Women guiding your masturbation was hot.   You love when she controls that cock, makes it her own. Using you as her sexual play thing. The play being continuously amp’d up, and the intensity out of this world. Time and time again…You lose yourself in your submission.  Time and space lose all meaning.

But now your play has taken on another dimension. When did this happen, where did these new feelings come from? It’s that trust and that connection. Knowing your journey is shared and not one sided. Together, pushing boundaries and developing stronger feelings of submission , you’ve never felt. You’re ready for this. You’ve asked for this. Now is your time.

More Reasons for Chastity

Are you a beginner in chastity or thinking of exploring chastity? Finding the right chastity Mistress is important. Guiding you, discussing your reasons and expectations. Of course there are so many more reasons for chastity. What are some  you can think of? Comment below or whisper them in my ear 1-800-601-6975 I’d love to hear them!


Until We Chat

Mistress Erika

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