I’ve had some fun with ruined orgasms as of late. So naturally I’m compelled to write about them! For the unaware a ruined orgasm is one where the male is stimulated to orgasm, and at the point of no return, having all stimulation stop.

Why Ruined Orgasm Is for You

Do you feel alive, when you are high on sex hormones? Love to feel slightly horny, If not more so, all the time?  Having your cock in an almost constant chubby state, tingling and reminding you just how long it’s been since your last satisfying orgasm sound hot? Don’t worry, that’s exactly where I want you to be too! Ruined Orgasm Training may be just the thing you need!

Visually Stimulating

Watching a ruined orgasm is really a delight. The cock jumping and twitching as the normally eruptive spunk can only weakly pump its way out of the cock. But even more intriguing is the seemingly immense effort it takes the male to remove stimulation (aka his hand)  when every fiber of his being is screaming for him to continue stroking! I’m impressed at the effort! Of course, the guys with the best groans, moans and *fucks!* as he forces his hand off and keeping it off during the ruined orgasm get the best grade from me!

New Level Ruined Orgasm

Now, combine repeated edging and ruined orgasm , dribble in a few days of chastity for the chronic stroker. When you combine it with a ruined orgasm you are going to have a wonderfully entertaining, horny pet still wanting to go again! Keeping you horny is my goal, so I think  incorporating a ruined orgasm should play a more prominent role in  your cock control training going forward! Don’t  you?

Come on Let’s Play!

We can play most edges before ruined orgasm. Most days between ruined orgasms. Or Oh, I know most ruined orgasms in a month, quarter or year! Now that would be awesome! Do you have a ruined orgasm goal to make? Call me today, let’s get that plan into action!

ruined orgasm

Aww, ruined orgasm??