Some might see the title of this post, Sensual Cuckolding, and think it’s a bit strange. Cuckolding, just using the word indicates some level of humiliation and shame on the part of the fella who is being cuckolded. Right? As I’ve mentioned before regarding cuckolding  the elements which differentiate between a threesome and cuckolding is the M.O. and humiliation elements. So onward to sensual cuckolding.

Sensual Hot Wife

Your wife is hot, you see how the guys look at her. You look at her the same way. She’s sexy, but not overtly so. Classic and elegant is more her style. At least for appearances, in public. She used to be so turned on by you, a real she-cat in bed. But lately her enthusiasm for lovemaking has waned and you wonder why.

Asking her at a seemingly opportune time about the changes you’ve noticed, she hesitantly admits that things have gotten stale for her. Harder and harder for her to become aroused enough to orgasm. Maybe it’s stress, she suggests. But in your gut you know. Don’t ya. 

Experimenting Sexually

So you begin in earnest to spice things up. Sex toys, more attention to details. Even introducing some sexy talk and porn as aphrodisiacs have seemed to turn things around. Her enthusiasm for that big vibrating dildo has her fresh faced and smiling! You kind feel proud of yourself, what a great husband. Your wife had a need and YOU fulfilled it. 

But then she needs those things more and more. Watching more endowed men or more adept, pleasuring her, filling her with things other than your dick and a week’s gone by and you’ve gotten NO pussy. Just mutual masturbation. 

Then it happens, in the middle of a hot session her pussy so wet and wanting, she moans “Oh fuck ya, feels so good being filled” and then in a minute: “I’ve not felt so filled before” and your heart sinks. The truth in the throws of passion.

Cuckold Turn On

But after your heart sinks or perhaps AS your heart sinks, your dick jumps and throbs! You’re confused, aroused and now wanting more! Back to the dirty talk and you encourage her, using the image on the TV, the big strong bull, pleasing and filling up those hot snatches on screen. 

“Yea, Oh baby you like that” as you work her toy to make her moan.
“Yes, Oh Yes” She cries. “I want that need that big cock” she moans and shudders to a glorious orgasm. Wrapped up in the throws of her ecstasy you see it, don’t you. That man on the screen, giving her what she wants, what she needs!

Flashes of images, and thoughts race through your brain. Too late your cock has taken off, you hunch grab your cock as you are propelled over the edge effortlessly into your own orgasm as the images of your wife and “him” overtake your thoughts.

When you play with her, with this, she’s filled. Cuckold Tease

Sensual Cuckold Tease Mind Fuck

So there you have the sensual cuckolding beginnings. You lay there in the afterglow, confused, satisfied. She’s curled up and purring contently and with your pillow talk you hesitate to tell her what really turned you on. Freaked out, men shouldn’t be turned on by this, should they? How could  you be so turned on with the thought, and images of her being fulfilled by another? You go back and forth, thoughts racing. Mind fuck. 

So many delicious ways to have sensual cuckolding experiences. Where would this scene take you? Scared off? Turn your back on it? Or do you become curious, it was freakin’ hot and you hadn’t had this strong of a sexual response or release since college. Your sexuality your male nature compels you to push forward. Where will it go?

Sensual Cuckolding Consulting

You won’t be the first to be unsure where to take this, unsure of if you can handle pushing it forward. Can you hedge your bets, stick your toe in the cuckolding waters without getting burned? It’s what I do. I help you figure this stuff out. Help you try on those emotions in a safe environment, help you come up with a plan on handling the emotions that will come up in a productive positive manner. 

Let’s explore your cuckolding thoughts and feelings. 

Until we chat ????
Cuckold Mistress Erika

Sensual Cuckolding
Sensual Cuckolding