Hello, kinky friends! Today we talk about sensual humiliation. What’s the difference you might ask yourself. Well, humiliation just like most other things has variations. What makes you feel humiliated is probably as individual as , well, individuals! Let’s take a look at humiliation and sensual humiliation today.


Humiliation typically is something that happens to you, by another that invokes extreme negative emotional response.  To further illustrate-there are certain overall themes we can all wrap our heads around regarding what humiliation looks like.  Public speaking, and having a  heckler yelling at you. Being unceremoniously chastised by your boss, in front of a client. Suddenly finding yourself naked in front of a group of people, them laughing in response.  Perhaps your wife answering “Eh, alright,” when you hear her girlfriend ask “How was last night?” You thought you were a stud and well, stud, you just weren’t. All are variations of humiliation. The last two examples are examples of sensual humiliation.

Harsh Humiliation

Some consider degradation as being  humiliation, and they are not wrong. Verbal humiliation, calling of names, faggot , cock sucker, fucking loser, sissy slut, all  dripping with loathing and judgement, has degradation at its intent. It is also humiliating for a beautiful woman to degrade you, and wouldn’t have anything to do with you because you are a sissy fucking cock sucker. Making your ringtone announce what a  A bukakke bitch you are is something you can’t have Aunt Millie hearing, eh? The energy behind this type of humiliation is to tear down the person, reduce them in both stature and substance in your eyes, their eyes and even the eyes of the world. Other types of harsh humiliation can involve erotic BDSM / impact play or humiliating tasks.

Sensual Humiliation

Sensual Humiliation

Exploring Sensual Humiliation

With some sensual humiliation play, there might be some terms like slut or fuck toy used. It’s a matter of the usage, intent and result. Often sensual

humiliation is on the subtle spectrum and maybe punches of harsh. Imagine this: your submissive is kneeling in panties before you, and is allowed to pleasure you with his mouth only. Then after your orgasm, winking and pinching his cheek lightly with a wicked smile and calling him  a good twat boy. Twat boy is degrading as an alpha male, but the intent is to compliment, and having him in your panties, not having an orgasm when you are satisfied, and his trembling manhood is begging for release, you know the result is the one we are looking for. One of the more common forms of sensual humiliation is having you beg for orgasm. Begging is humiliating in and of itself, and for a man to beg for something that is a basic human function is on the sensual humiliation scale and pretty f-in hot for me! Wanna get MY motor running. Beg. Earnestly and honestly.  ❤????

Tune in next time for a hot little story, using sensual humiliation to further illustrate. In the meantime take a look at some of my other  humiliation posts, if you read something that makes you tingle , I want to know!

Until we chat………..