Hello my adoring fans , pets and lookie loo’s. Ha ha, lookie loo! I heard someone say that recently and it’s stuck in my head! Lookie loo= one who just looks but doesn’t interact or do sessions with me. Let me tell you, I appreciate you LOOKIE LOO’s too! Because the more you come back to my blog, hang out and LOOK the better it is for me.

Nothing too kinky or sexy today just a quick fun blog. For those of you who have been paying attention and if you arrived here on August 27 It’s my Birthday and I’m taking off to have some FUN today! I have a tradition with myself , as one of my years end and another begins I like to reflect back on my year and then make some goals for the coming year! Lucky you, I’ll let you in on some of my sexy musings!


I appreciate all of my callers and pets who have made this past year fantastic! In December I’ll be “here” at LDW for 4 years! I have to say I have not once regretted my decision to take my kinky Dominate nature to this venue! Are things perfect? No , of course not, nothing is perfect. I’ve encountered some very not nice people! But like anything in life that’s worth doing / having there are frustrations and challenges. But compare those challenges to years past? *Pfff* easy peasy! Do I work my tushy off , creating amazing erotic experiences for you? Yes, but I adore every moment! So much worthwhile than balancing “the books”.

So from that “one off” ten minute caller to my adoring long time pets: THANK YOU , you enrich my life in ways beyond measure. I appreciate YOU!!

Mistress’ New year

I have to say, every one of you has helped me grow, along with your kinky growth! Each one of you bring your own special selves to my table, and it makes me a better Mistress by pushing my own boundaries. Fun and sensual by nature, I’ve had some very harsh humiliation pets this past year and WOW, I’m really liking letting out my Mean Mistress at times! So much so that for my new year I am working on a profile for Mean Mistress site at LDW. I’ll be rolling it out with a blog here as well.

Other things I will be looking forward to this year is more Lovense Long Distant Toy Play! Oh yea, if you haven’t heard of these toys then let’s get you on that kinky path! I’ve done several sessions, where pet wears his toy and I randomly “play with my cock” throughout the day or specified session. Long distance Domination just keeps getting better and better with technology! I’m going to be offering some LD toy packages at phone sex assignments in the near future.

Erotic Writing and Audio’s. Since the turn of 2020 I’ve been getting so many erotic  audio requests I am totally loving being creative that way !! I also have done some erotic writing on commission as well! Woo hoo! Don’t be shy if you are curious, send me an email I’ll tell you all about the process!

Twitter Fun

Before I depart a little twitter fun! I often post fun polls on twitter to entertain and inform us all. Many people I speak with have questions about how they measure up to others. “Do many guys call you wanting to suck cock” to “Sorry but this is a weird kink”. Although that anxiety can be erotically stimulating for some (and it’s OK if it does!) some benefit from knowing they are not that “strange” after all.

What Kind of Men Call Phone Sex Lines?

What Kind of Men Use Phone Sex Services?

I think the men who have called me are fantastic fun loving people who just need to let off a bit of steam, looking for someone to understand and enjoy their desires or want to expand their kinky boundaries!

Sure some call because they feel they are losers, enjoy harsh humiliation as an erotic stimulus but a very small percentage see themselves as such.
What do you think? Any comments on “what kind of men call these lines?”



Male Masturbation

Male Masturbation


This set of polls were VERY interesting. I asked both men, and women about their masturbation habits. Nothing too personal , just “do you or don’t you”. Simple right? Take a gander at this, way different results than what I was expecting!! It is often said that males masturbate more than females, so why such crazy results?

Well , sure some probably fibbed. But twitter polls are anonymous. I think it’s because the people who follow me, may be more into Cock control than the average male. What do you think?

female masturbation

Female masturbation





I welcome your comments on these polls, as I’ve found I have a plethora of clever and fun people who follow my blog! Your last gift to me for My Birthday is the gift of a smile, or perchance a laugh.  Entertain me, pets!

There you have it, My feel good blog to round out my year. May you feel as blessed as I do, all the year through!

Until We Chat ????

Intelligent Phone Fantasy Mistress Erika