Have you heard about Enchantrix Perks? There are some fun events coming up! Just think of  the sexy fun you can have with these upcoming events.

Enchantrix Perks Year Of The Cock

Cock Radio is Celebrating the Year of the Cock ,January 28th from 6pm- Midnight!

Join me and other Mistresses for six hours of sexy fun! I’m going to hang out in chat for a while. Never chatted with me or others? Come by and get a taste! 😉
I hear that each hour there will be a new Mistress to satisfy all of your listening needs.  The chat room will be open, so we can chat while listening to the shows, and I am guessing the typical hilarity and tom foolery will abound in every nook and cranny!

Kick back, enjoy your favorite beverage and help us celebrate the Year Of The Cock.

Enchantrix Perks Mistress Day

Let me tell you all about Mistress Day.  Enchantrix Empire will be filled with all kinds of debauchery for sure! I’m planning on a marathon day having fun for as long as I can last!  It’s all hands on deck because it’s your chance to win FREE minutes!

Save the date! February 13,  affectionately known as Mistress Day! To celebrate, Enchantrix  has this great promotion. Check out the event at our new site: Enchantrix Perks!

Edging All Day Fun

Wouldn’t it be fun, to have several short calls with two, three ,or four Mistresses in one day? Start your morning with a ten minute tease and denial. Now don’t be naughty and ruin everyone’s fun. Hands off until later! Then, during your lunch break , yet another hot lady talking sexily in your ear. You certainly can’t touch yourself, in your semi public circumstance, but that doesn’t stop ol’ chubby now does it? Yes, he’s going to be reminding you of your previous calls all afternoon!

Back home, you will have another call with a super sexy vixen getting you all whipped up for dinner. Oh! Hold on there sport! Not yet, happy pants, not yet! Later, just before bed one more call to finish you off before a nice deep slumber.
The beauty is two fold!  You will have an erotic day for you to savor and enjoy, and as a bonus each completed call is entered for a chance to win a free call of the same duration!

Perfect Day To Play Pass The Penis

Remember with each paid call you get a chance to win another free call of the same duration! What fun would it be to play pass the penis! You can order your entry one of two ways. Tell dispatch you want your entry to be broken down by Mistress
I.E. 6, 10 minute calls equals 6, 10  minute entries. Or you can ask for ONE entry for 60 min. It’s up to you. Remember you’ll get a chance to win the same  minutes (for free) up to 60 minutes.

You know you want to play hooky this day, don’ t you? While everyone is doing the dreaded Monday “thing” you can be having fun being teased and edged for an hour.  Up for the challenge?

Tuesday is V-Day, why not make Monday U-day!!


Enchantrix Perks

Enchantrix Perks

I’m planning on a Marathon Day and invite you to save the date!