It’s that time of year again! That’s right. My Birthday! Sunday August 27!  To celebrate I like  reflecting on the year. Thinking about the year ahead, and what I might want, learn and explore in the coming months.   Making sure to thank those closest to you for being in your life, and generally doing things that “Feel Good”. A glass of wine by the pool.  Dinner with friends.  I love comedy so perhaps a show that week at a local club.  Of course sexy time with all  of  you  counts as a “feel good” activity. 😉

Giving Thanks

So, thank you! All of you who stop by to read my musings, leave comments, or email me your comments.  Those who call and tell me how much they like what I have to say. To all of the sexy ladies at Enchantrix/ LDW , you all have been wonderful. So great to be surrounded by such wicked smart and wicked sexy and wickedly supportive women!  Above all thank you to Head Mistress Ally for welcoming me on board the Enchantrix Empire Train! I look forward to a sexy year, with all of you!

Sexy Gift – To Me From Me

This coming year I want to delve back into Meditation! A few folks suggest some great books for me to read.  I’m thinking of incorporating some yoga, MOST definitely tantric masturbation. Now, doesn’t that sound like a fantastic year ahead?!

Oh one more thing I’d like to do more of this year is spankings! I’ve had some experience with erotic spankings in my not so angelic past. The last few months I’ve had more and more calls for and about spanking!  From correction spankings, to erotic and birthday spankings! Having so much fun!

Sexy Gift of Spanking From You

So, if you want to give me a sexy gift of spanking for my birthday, why not pair it  for my hot birthday promotion? Oh yeah! That would be hot. How about 27 spanks for my birth date?



Sexy Gift


My Birthday Promotion:

I will be taking the day away from electronics on my birthday August 27.
Doing all the feel good things I can, without technology! Yep, going bare handed folks! ha ha ha! Woot woot!

So, if you call me on Friday the 25th (extended hours) or Saturday August 26th for 15 minutes or more I will GIFT YOU a custom audio! Sexy Texting, and Skype sessions apply!  Make sure you wish me a Happy Birthday during the call to qualify for this gift. I am going to have one of three genres for you to choose from. No no no peeking, you’ll have to call to find out your options!

Also, between now and my birthday, call me for 20 min or more AND wish me a happy birthday, I’ll put your name in a drawing to win a free TEN minute call with me!   My way of giving a little joy for my years, this side of the grass,  on this great big ball flying through the universe! Now ,everyone is glad I was born, including me! ha ha ha

Sexy Gift From You

If you want to spoil me for my birthday and make me squeal in delight (Yeah, I’m easy when it comes to gifts) check out my Amazon wish list for some yummy things you can choose from! Of course the gift of your support , year round is important to me! Following me on Twitter, Tumblr , joining me in Virtual World and Enchantrix Empire is great, I really get to know YOU!!

Thank you everyone for a HOT 8 months ! I want to make the next twelve even hotter!