Okay all you sexy people! Time to pull up a seat, get something to drink and read my first installment of the Sexy Mistress

Sexy Mistress Journal1

Sexy Mistress: Erika

Journal. It is quite normal when I talk to clients, they share with me their very first experience with what is (now) their fetish or kink. I thought you might like to take a peek into my naughty past and find out why I enjoy this line of work so much!

Makings of a Sexy Mistress

Many years ago, (ask how many and you’ll be sorry! ha!) when I was just a wee Lassie,I had a male boss. Well, he wasn’t my direct boss. But was the head of another department, and I had to defer to him, as if he were. I was working on a special project, you know the cliche’ “working late” scenario.
But what is so important about this liaison, and why I chose to bring it up, was I learned a couple of very important things.

1- Sex and emotions (aka: romantic relationships) are two separate things. Sometimes they are combined, sometimes, not so much.
2- I discovered my love for being Dominate.

After that hot passionate night at the office, and his libido wasn’t ruling his thoughts, he realized what a compromising position he could very well find himself in. I never intended to “Hold it over him” or anything of the sort. But as it turns out, he didn’t know this! We both wanted it, we both got it. Done deal. Right?

Evidently though, Boss B (we’ll call him) thought us females to be a fickle bunch bent on revenge? I’m unsure. But when he stole quick conversations with me during the work day, to find out “how I was feeling” and otherwise being extremely attentive to me, I finally asked him “what the F- was UP”. He confessed he was nervous, anxious as to my mindset and If I plan to make a “fuss” if I became dissatisfied with “where our relationship was going”.


Dear readers, I cannot explain to you the overwhelming lust that washed over me when this, typically in charge kinda guy, sounded, looked and behaved so submissively. Of course being in my early 20’s and kinda naive to boot, I didn’t see as him being submissive, just nervous. Regardless of what I thought. My mind worked quickly, as he explained his behavior, I had enough forethought NOT to tell him “Don’t be silly” “I’m a big girl, I’d never hold something like that over you!”. Or maybe it was the fire in my panties and my heart beating rapidly that prevented me from assuring him he had nothing to worry about. I don’t know.

Craving Control And  Power

I never really did answer him regarding his fears. My mind kept going back to his overly solicitous behavior, being nervous and oh so wanting to please. I started to crave that feeling, that feeling of control. Of power. What I proceeded to do for the next year or so of our affair was both provocative and educational. For me, at least. The things I had that man do, to please me, to make me keep my trap shut was amazing.  No, I never did threaten to expose our affair, I didn’t have to. He knew I had him by the proverbial balls and he never protested or refused my wishes. I think, in part, because the reward was so delicious I didn’t have to.

So stay tuned for more in the Sexy Mistress Journal entries.
Unless that is, you don’t WANT more?  Won’t you tell me? Do you want more?