Phone sex is different to different people. Some like to roll play, or simply discussing a kink or fetish. One interesting call I enjoy doing is sexy story telling.  You sit back while I reveal a sexy story for your stroking pleasure.  Sound like fun?

Preparation Sexy Story

Unless your needs are simple “Mistress Erika, can you tell me a sexy story about being seduced by my college professor.” Give me a call, give me the skinny, and I’ll weave a tale to my liking. You see, not knowing any details of YOUR sexual hot buttons I can only rely on my own. Make sure you tell me of any “no fly zones” otherwise expect me to go there.    I do have someone who loves to session and say “take me where ever you want me to go”.  That’s it.  After our last session he said “wow” I never thought I would find that erotic. But the way you “did it” it was!

Hot n Sexy Details

If you are like most, however, you have a general theme for a fantasy in mind for your erotic story. Plus a few key elements that really pump you up, literally.  You are encouraged to email me: Tell me your naughty thoughts, and any of those sexual hot buttons for me to pepper throughout our sexy story telling, before our session! Are you growing a chubby yet?Sexy Story Telling

You give me the tools to use to ramp you up, edge you for the duration of the call with a sexy story of sexy seduction and……?
Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it? When we prepare this way with a bit of back and forth I want you to edge until our session. I know you ARE growing a chubby just typing out your erotic thoughts so put it to good use.  Just submit, and give me that power, those keys to your orgasm, and let’s have some fun.

Can’t call until the next day, two? That’s OK with me!  Then no orgasm until the session.  That will surely make it an explosive good time!