Hello sexy! It’s a beautiful day here, I’m sitting out on my back lanai looking out at my pool, surfing the internet. Okay, looking at porn, and waiting for inspiration for a blog.  I look down and someone had sent me a message on Yahoo Messenger. Then it hit me: Sexy Texting , Sexting in Enchantrix Land!  I adore sexy texting and think it can be so naughty! Particularly when I have  you squirming in your seat at work!


One of the great things I love about working with LDW is our similar mindset: Making it easy for the client! Now, you might be saying to yourself “Uh, Erika, how HARD is it to place a phone sex call? How much easier do you have to make it?

Well, after I have a good chuckle over your response because at first blush, making a simple phone sex call doesn’t seem to be too difficult, right? ???? Okay maybe it’s better said: To give the client options!

I like Options

For some, talking on the phone is too intimidating maybe you’ve never “done this” before.  Part of why you want to call a Mistress is to learn to stop stuttering and how to talk with a beautiful woman? You want to live as a female in fantasy, created a fem persona Debbie Phillips, and don’t want me to hear your baritone voice?  Whatever the reason, Sexy Texting is a great way to express yourself behind the safety of your keyboard! I can’t see or hear you. I only know you, get an impression of you from what you type.

For others, they may incorporate a short texting session to check in with me regarding tasks. It’s a bit less stressful if you can just open Skype or Yahoo messenger, after you purchase the session, and ask if it’s okay that you don’t buy the red satin panties, they only have pink? Taking pics of your prizes and sending them to me during the sexy texting session is so much fun!

Sexy Texting Masturbation Sessions

Of course, for those of you who like to roleplay or watch me type up a fantasy for you to stroke to is one of the hottest and best uses of Sexy Texting!  Old style sexting back and forth, stroking and licking. Reading the words as they appear, responding, one after another. Another fun way  I engage with sexy texting is a longer, paragraph story telling format. You can start or we can message for a moment setting the scene for our session.  It might go something like this:

You: You call me into the bedroom, as I enter I can smell you before I see you, the soft lavender musk filling my nose. My cock starts to twitch and swell. I knew when I turned and saw you dressed in only  your pearls on I was in for it, in a good way, tonight!

Sexy Texting Sexting

Sexy Texting, Sexting!

Me: Standing seductively toying with my long strand of pearls. I’m glad you were able to leave the office early when I called. I sure hope you won’t find yourself In trouble over it, but I just had to have you! Walking past you, through the doorway, letting my bare breast brush up against your arm. I smile and wink gesture into the bathroom go ahead, get washed up. I’ll be waiting.  I slip on a purple satin and lace chemise with my pearls. Black lace thong panties. I open the second lingerie drawer and pull out silk stockings, a faux fur scarf and a pair of pink satin panties.  Surveying my toys I think, Just getting ready for a lovely night of edging, as a smile creeps along my lips.

You see, while I’m typing you are stroking and edging. Then of course when it’s your turn, it’s cool down time! Back to my turn to write, now edge that cock, EDGE it over and over through the whole session! Fun!

It’s Easy to do.

First: Make sure I’m available for a session. Email me, contact me on Yahoo or Skype. Here’s my schedule page, the links to find me are there.  Then use this Link: to buy the sexy texting, or sexting session. If you don’t want to use either of those, we have our OWN private chat room to use too! It’s not open all the time. Only when we have a session.

Sexy Texting is fun and really discrete! Set up a session and let me have you squirming in your office chair today!