Hello my naughties ready for some Sexy SEXY texting? ! As I mentioned in a previous post, I am  having some construction done in my home this week. January 13-17th! That is HOPEFULLY they are done by the 17th! You know how “that goes”.

Since the majority of the people who call me are not turned on by the sounds of hammers, saws and the like I won’t be taking your voice calls during the day!
I will be taking your voice calls in the evening Tuesday – Friday from about 6-9 pm! If you are interested in a session in the evening, let me know!

In the meantime, during the day I’m offering you sexy texting sessions! I won’t show available on the sites, but I’m checking my skype and email messages regularly! As an added incentive for each sexy texting session you buy I’ll add on Ten Free Minutes! The offer only applies during the day and This Week Only!

You must say “Happy Construction Mistress Erika” to win your free ten minutes!

If you can’t use email or message me in skype you can always call our fantastic dispatch team and ask them to Text Me! They would love to “make that match”!

Sexy Texting

Lets text something sexy!