Hi there, glad you stopped by have a seat and enjoy my sexy update! Today’s blog is going to be a mishmash items which includes some personal information, about yours truly that you may or may not have known! I also want to hear from you, so read through and connect with me, tell me your thought!

Sexy Update 1

Did you know I have a profile on several of the LDW’s sites? LDW offers a vast array of sites that cater to just about every kink

Sexy update

Sexy Update with Mistress Erika

and fetish you can think of! Some of my profiles can be found at Cockcontrol.com, Phone humilation,  edginghonesex , strapon femdom the list goes on and on.  My interests are wide and varied, talking about , or training on on them! I also enjoy kinky role-plays and fantasies involving a myriad of sexy scenes.  I don’t want to miss out playing with you, so in the next few months , be on the lookout as I roll out a new page, listing all the sexy sites you can find me! Is your kink there? We’ll have to see!

Sexy Audio Update

I’ve been collaborating with a client on custom audio’s. We have a few sessions talking about various aspects of the Giantess story we think are fun to explore. He has a sexy wicked mind, and he inspires me to write, and record a story based on our talks. The good news is, I’m going to be putting the series in our audio store, for you to sample and purchase!

If you have an idea for a sexy audio, don’t hesitate to send me an email and let’s chat about it! I’m getting back into meditation and would love to create a sexy guided meditation with you, with your kink in mind! Wouldn’t that be hot!  Self help for the kink set, I’d say.  Whatever your idea let’s discuss, and see what fits!


Sexy Update Stroker’s Rewards

Look at the top of this page, one of the tabs  is my stroker’s rewards page. I have had a lot of fun coming up with  ways for you to be rewarded for calling me! What I want to know is, what would you like to see?  Some have suggested a frequent flyer program, which I think might interest some of you, humm?  So I want to hear from you!  Email me if you are shy, check out my poll at Enchantrix Empire or just leave a comment below. Maybe your suggestion will be my next promotion! Some suggestions:

  •    Contests to win exclusive prizes.  Pictures and Custom Audio’s
  •    Free minutes for most minutes in a month
  •    Free sexy texting  for any of the above
  •    Points program, earn points for calls and minutes, redeem for prizes or minutes

Don’t forget to subscribe *points up and to the right* so you are updated with the results.  Until next time, sexy people!